Recent Repair Jobs


DRU Repair

Buttons not working - sticking. Also just changed the battery and the display is garbled. Battery cover is missing.

Cambridge audio RC-650bd

Cambridge audio RC-650bd Repair

Stopped working due to leaking battery



Remote Will not switch on, worked ok last time used

Mertik maxitrol G30 ZRRS/ZRHSO

Mertik maxitrol G30 ZRRS/ZRHSO Repair

Receiver does not respond to remote

Mertik Maxitrol G6R-H4T5-GA

Mertik Maxitrol G6R-H4T5-GA Repair

Antenna detached as a result of dropping remote.

Mertik Maxitrol GBR-HISO

Mertik Maxitrol GBR-HISO Repair

Power light is not coming on. Tried new batteries, but still not eorking

Easi-move UR203

Easi-move UR203 Repair

The mover failed during use. I believe the receiver is working correctly, as the lights operate as normal. The light on the remote however does not light at all, suggesting a complete failure of the unit? I've changed the battery but still nothing. Unit is approx. 4 years old and I believe they were manufactured by Purpleline, although they denied all knowledge when I called them for a replacement remote.

Sun  2000/2080

Sun 2000/2080 Repair

No lights on control/inop

Faber Silence FF09105

Faber Silence FF09105 Repair

Battery is OK. Both buttons operate intermittently and it is difficult to get contact.

Vibradorm Bed

Vibradorm Bed Repair

Cable Damaged

Carat RC57

Carat RC57 Repair

Remote will not operate any function of the system. I have changed the batteries, but will still not work.


Triton Repair

One button covet missing and isn't working as it should

Pioneer SC-LX71

Pioneer SC-LX71 Repair

I spilt a cup of coffee over it it has worked intermittently but now is not working

TRUMA MOVER TE fabrik nr 18268077   kba nr 90909

TRUMA MOVER TE fabrik nr 18268077 kba nr 90909 Repair

green light flashing quickly, i removed batteries to find corosion ,then parts of the battery holder [small spring] come off.i connot get any light on now.


Triton Repair

Battery cover missing, unable to connect power. On/off button faded (Top right button)

BOSE RC28T1-40

BOSE RC28T1-40 Repair

on/off button does not always work and sometimes none work. Batteries do not sit well as small retaining lug missing


Powakaddy Repair

Doesn't work on any button

Purple Enduro EM103

Purple Enduro EM103 Repair

Intermittent switch on red light tap helps! Some times also starts moving to front left without pressing any buttons. button, rather disconcerting.


SIT Repair

Remote doesn't work at all, have changed battery, but as buttons are pressed LED on the remote does not light

Pioneer XV-DV404K (AXD7600)

Pioneer XV-DV404K (AXD7600) Repair

Battery leak, worked after the points were cleaned and the battery changed, a month on it started to fail, now not working at all. We have tried all buttons and many different new batteries, remote not currently working - we operate the DVD player manually at present.


CT3 Repair

A wooden box was dropped on top of the remote which cracked the case and knocked the circuit board out of synch. I think there is also a bit that broke off the circuit board inside the remote.
We have put the remote back together however it no longer works and sends a signal back to the timer.

Mchale Bale Wrapper

Mchale Bale Wrapper Repair

Electrics not working and other issues discussed earlier

Domestic Heki 4 Caravan skylight

Domestic Heki 4 Caravan skylight Repair

nothing works on remote. skylight powers up when caravan power is put on. If you manually open skylight rain sensor closes it. The lights wont operate from remote .

Pioneer AXD7364

Pioneer AXD7364 Repair

Batteries have suddenly stopped supplying power to the handset. Once fixed it will be easy to test as the remote has an LCD screen which glows orange when any of the top 4 buttons are pressed. I would also appreciate it if you could give the remote control a thorough clean around the buttons whilst it is apart. I have taken out the screws for your ease of repair which I will retain until I get the item back.

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