Recent Repair Jobs


Purpleline Repair

When the batteries are inserted, the handset begins to beep. The control lamp does not light up.

Enduro EM4444

Enduro EM4444 Repair

Long beep goes on and on then Power light flashing. Repair been done by my husband as below. The raised small circuit board had no solder link, just the remains of a dry joint. So my husband has linked it back to nearest clean solder point he could find. The screws under the grey panel were not seen so were broken when the other screw was got out. Guess that could be sorted somehow by us or you!




Seip SE40TX

Seip SE40TX Repair

Button doesn't work


PDT PDT KF04-443RC Repair

Remote fails to operate garage door even with new batteries. Remote was inherited as part of house purchase.

truma M2

truma M2 Repair

corroded battery housing terminals

Marantec Garage Door

Marantec Garage Door Repair

Remote was dropped and split open. Picked up all the pieces (I think) and have tried to put together. works sometimes but mostly NOT.

Sun Sna2000/2080

Sun Sna2000/2080 Repair

Been dropped and difficult to work

Waterproof digital  LCD TV

Waterproof digital LCD TV Repair

Ok doesn't work. Most other buttons are ok

Exodus Smart Switch

Exodus Smart Switch Repair

The remote isn't turning on or off the lights.

Tascam RC-32

Tascam RC-32 Repair

Bought mini disc player online and remote just won't work so can't do some functions on the disc player without the remote

Bose RCV1T-40

Bose RCV1T-40 Repair

Do not work at all. Change batteries but not working

Hulsta Rumat

Hulsta Rumat Repair

Remote does not activate bed base despite new battery. Would welcome quick return as is a special bed for my disabled daughter. You have repaired this before successfully.

Enduro em4444

Enduro em4444 Repair

Remote will no switch on


TRUMA M2 Repair


Garage Door FHS 06

Garage Door FHS 06 Repair

The fob is in two loose halves held together by tape as I prised it open to see any obvious cause why it had stopped working. There is only ONE garage door and it was always the LEFT button of the fob that was used (the right button never had any purpose) I have another fob which continues to work, this fob just stopped working for no apparent reason!

Mertik Maxitrol G30-ZRHD

Mertik Maxitrol G30-ZRHD Repair

The on button seems to be working as the button is turning but not lighting the fire the down button doesn't seem to be working at all.

Yamaha RAV363 (WH25440EX)

Yamaha RAV363 (WH25440EX) Repair

The DTV button no longer works on this remote, all the other buttons seem to operate normally and cause the red LED in the remote to light up.

Wickes  Garage Door

Wickes Garage Door Repair

works intermittently, when fiddling with battery seems to help.

Konig K/n

Konig K/n Repair

No buttons working


powrtouch Repair

No power to remote so opened back to change battery and discovered loose wires - soldered but still no power despite new battery as well. Can't check equipment on caravan as no power from remote.

Gazco Mertik Maxitrol G30 ZRHTT Z27

Gazco Mertik Maxitrol G30 ZRHTT Z27 Repair

No longer sends a signal to the stove unless you blow into the directional end of the remote and then it doesn't always work . Have to point it directly to the receiver on the stove and sometimes it works and sometimes doesnt

Bush BC019EA

Bush BC019EA Repair

cant change the channel buttons, need to use the up/down button to change the channels. otherwise works fine.

Canton  DM50 remote

Canton DM50 remote Repair

will not work replaced batteries but still will not work

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