Recent Repair Jobs


Paragon Repair

Top left button is sticking


Ultraframe Repair

Remote was dropped and now battery pack missing a spring and I don’t think the rest of the remote functions normally even if the spring were found! So it might need a complete overhaul.


Vibradorm Repair

No buttons working,even after changing battery. Adjacent twin bed with matching remote still working OK.

Sony RM-ANU032

Sony RM-ANU032 Repair

suddenly stopped working

Copreci MMB22600

Copreci MMB22600 Repair

Contact is via Daniel Stonestreet at Country Warmth who has spoken to you. Remote is not communicating with fire. Fault was intermittent but now nothing happens.

Philips  LX 3750W

Philips LX 3750W Repair

Will not turn machine on. I turn machine on manually still won’t work then sometimes will work after a while then will stop again.

Technics / RAK CW215WH

Technics / RAK CW215WH Repair

No sign of transmitter diode life when checked with u/v I/r sensitive camera. Active remotes were used as control sample. Was stored with batteries in place and showed signs of corrosion at contacts points when opened.

ego 0309 (rev:0) UK version

ego 0309 (rev:0) UK version Repair

Power-on operating button will only illuminate when replacing or 'moving' a battery. Light flickers but goes out. Also, a battery connecting wire has come un-soldered under the circuit board.

Yamaha  Sap-ax620

Yamaha Sap-ax620 Repair

No infra red transmitting from the remote. My father in law took it apart not to my liking and didn’t make any difference. I then searched google and found you. I wish I had looked before my father in law looked at it.

Mertik G30 ZRHSO

Mertik G30 ZRHSO Repair

Receiver box only receives signal when the remote control is right next to the Receiver box


SWS PDT Repair

Remote was accidentally put through the wash. After being dried out and given some new batteries, the LED on the remote now lights when buttons are pressed, as it should do. However the garage door doesn't respond, so I assume the remote isn't transmitting correctly. I've tried reprogramming it to the door receiver, but the receiver's not recognising any signal, so again, I assume the remote isn't transmitting correctly.

Fireplace RCS-01C

Fireplace RCS-01C Repair

Just doesn’t work

Flambeau  335

Flambeau 335 Repair

No led light response from any button

Canton Dm50

Canton Dm50 Repair

No buttons work,totally dead.

Canton DM55

Canton DM55 Repair

Not working :-( Tried changing the batt.

Hulsta 1.10-202 300J09R

Hulsta 1.10-202 300J09R Repair

All buttons need to be checked as some do not work correctly or not at all possibly due to loose internal wiring




BOSE RC18T1-40

BOSE RC18T1-40 Repair

remote is not connecting to tv volume.

Denon RC-899

Denon RC-899 Repair

The remote screen shows that the remote is working as expected, switching function and responding to button presses as you would expect, however it appears that the IR unit is not working - in that the IR signal is not being sent (I'm 99.9% sure that the AMP is still working as expected)



the remote appeared to be sending out a signal to the receiver without using any of the buttons and altering the gas valve all on its own. this arrangement has now changed whereby the up button on the handset works with LED indication on the reciever but the down button does not - no indication on the LED

Dru - Mertik Maxitrol G6R - H4T1

Dru - Mertik Maxitrol G6R - H4T1 Repair

Down button inoperative. It looks as though the LCD screen has moved, possibly after being dropped?

universal 1000 in 1

universal 1000 in 1 Repair

on/off works but nothing else.i bought a new which I enclose but cant get it to work.



One of the metal contacts or terminals that connects with the battery has fallen off. Even before this occurred the battery appeared loose within the controller and the remote occasionally would not operate correctly. We have left the metal terminal that fell off within the battery compartment. The remote is used only for elevating and articulating the bed. There is a seperate control for the massage feature that is working fine. We have no idea what the top 2 buttons do, they have never appeared to work so don't worry. Sorry about the battered state of the remote! Thank you for your time and kindness.


Portway Repair

Fell apart

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