Recent Repair Jobs

Electric Fire RCS-01A

Electric Fire RCS-01A Repair

I only use 2 buttons on the remote the On/off button and the flame button ..... they eventually work but requires many attempts

Mertik Maxitrol G6R-R4AUT

Mertik Maxitrol G6R-R4AUT Repair

Small battery leak, after which receiver stopped working.

SUN 2000/2080

SUN 2000/2080 Repair

remote not working at all

trim  caravan mover

trim caravan mover Repair

battery contacts corroded works intermittinly

Panasonic SA-HT250

Panasonic SA-HT250 Repair

Remote will not switch unit on/off

Magiglo Fire

Magiglo Fire Repair

works intermittently up and down

Verine Fire

Verine Fire Repair

The black wire on the battery connector has been detached, although the remote was hit and miss before this so may have loose wire inside too

Dimplex RC01-005

Dimplex RC01-005 Repair

Non of the remote functions are working. Batteries replaced to no avail.

mertik maxitol  g30

mertik maxitol g30 Repair

believe receiver unit not functioning

Audiolab 8000RC

Audiolab 8000RC Repair

No functions at all, Infra red signal is emitted (checked with camera on mobile phone)

Toyota landcruiser DC3V/RP6 x2

Toyota landcruiser DC3V/RP6 x2 Repair

Remote not functioning at all

Flambeau 335 basket fire FL335NG FL335P

Flambeau 335 basket fire FL335NG FL335P Repair

my granddaughter threw the remote and the wires have come away from the battery selnoid

Hitachi AXM209UK

Hitachi AXM209UK Repair

I brought this Hitachi DAB system from Argos (in 2011) a few months ago I drop the remote control for this system on to floor, remote did not break however since then when passing buttons to turn on / off system or change radio station, CD, I Pod it become a very much a hit and miss that the remote control will carry out this function, and recently it has become increasing less so. I think it because most if not all the buttons are not now line up with the control panel inside remote. I contacted Argos and Hitachi to try and buy a replacement remote control to be told that this model was only on sale in Argos outlets and it now no longer made by Hitachi or on sale in Argos I cannot get a replacement remote control for this equipment.

Gazco MMB22600

Gazco MMB22600 Repair

Hi I have the gazco remote MMB22600, my remote does come on but it doesn't work the fire. I have tried to pair the remote and fire but it doesn't work as the buttons don't tend to work very well and also it takes a while for the display to come on. Is this something that could be potentially fixed? If so what would you charge

Mertik G30 ZRHSO

Mertik G30 ZRHSO Repair

Unit will turn up the fire (LED light on transmitter and receiver shows) but will not turned turn down (no LED on receiver indicated but remote LED shows)

Gazco Mertik Maxitrol G30

Gazco Mertik Maxitrol G30 Repair

Receiver not receiving

Flavel FHWC

Flavel FHWC Repair

Remote not working All 4 buttons not working no yellow light coming on

Triton  Body dryer

Triton Body dryer Repair

None of the buttons are working. Battery has been changed

Canton DM50

Canton DM50 Repair

Remote unresponsive, even after fresh battery. Has been giving problems for over a year, now seems to have finally stopped working.

Dimplex RCS-01C

Dimplex RCS-01C Repair

Remote is unresponsive when pushing buttons, batteries have been replaced and the contacts checked.




Airforce Air climate control 11000BTU Wall mounted

Airforce Air climate control 11000BTU Wall mounted Repair

Batteries have corroded the connection in the battery compartment

Mertik Maxitrol Q30-ZRRS

Mertik Maxitrol Q30-ZRRS Repair

Battery compartment corroded and red (recejver) Led keeps burning (when connected with an external powersupply)

Bose Rcv1t-40

Bose Rcv1t-40 Repair

Remote not connecting

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