Recent Repair Jobs

Canton DM50

Canton DM50 Repair

Control works intermittently. Have changed batteries but it doesn't make a difference.

Kayami CS-10/20-DP

Kayami CS-10/20-DP Repair

dead, this is the 2nd of a batch of 2 similar remotes

Sony RM-LP205

Sony RM-LP205 Repair

Works occasionally but when pressing buttons on lower half of control the display can be seen to try and illuminate but the transmit icon (top right) fails to light and the remote does not control the receiver. Buttons top half seem to work all time just buttons on lower part of control seem to have a problem.

Vibradorm Wired Bed

Vibradorm Wired Bed Repair

Wire needs replacing

Denon RC-1127

Denon RC-1127 Repair

All buttons below and including the volume dont work.

Fireplace RCS-01C

Fireplace RCS-01C Repair

Power button appears to work, but flame and heater level buttons do not work.

Powr Products 10168-002-02

Powr Products 10168-002-02 Repair

Wont turn on..

Vibraform Adjustable Bed

Vibraform Adjustable Bed Repair

Red power light on the remote flickers for approx 1 or 2 seconds ( new 9v battery ) and none of the buttons work !

Pioneer Axd7483

Pioneer Axd7483 Repair

Difficult to switch machine on and off Circular wheel which is like a fast forward does not always work

Portway FIRE

Portway FIRE Repair

Some functions are not working on both, eg had trouble turning on and turning off. When the light works then the fire works.

Gazco  (Mertik Maxitrol) G30-ZRHSO-Z26

Gazco (Mertik Maxitrol) G30-ZRHSO-Z26 Repair

My dog has chewed the remote and it now switches on randomly (almost permanently) however the two buttons do still operate the control mechanism

mertik maxotrol

mertik maxotrol Repair

only has increase and decrease button both make the light come on at the top of the remote but there is no response from the fire we had an engineer come out to the fire and apparently the motor on the fire is fine and I rang you a few months ago you agreed it was likely the handset that was the problem (I can't remember why now)(the delay is I mislaid the remote and found it last night!)

Mertik Maxitrol G30-ZRPSO

Mertik Maxitrol G30-ZRPSO Repair

Transmitter operates to turn fire off but works only intermittently to turn on.

Canton DM 50

Canton DM 50 Repair

The sound bar is on but the remote control seems dead and unfortunately the Canton DM 50 without the remote does not work.

Reich GMBH D-35713

Reich GMBH D-35713 Repair

Battery terminals corroded, on/off button maybe sticky. Remote has a power cable that can be used and works fine (with the exception of the on/off button) with this.



Just rang you. problem with receiver red light flashes when batteries moved but does not work. Seemed to start as intermittent fault.

Sleepeezee R21R

Sleepeezee R21R Repair


Land Rover In Car DVD

Land Rover In Car DVD Repair

Just seems not to work anymore.

EWJ10600  98065

EWJ10600 98065 Repair

The remote has been repaired by yourselves recently. When the remote came back from the first repair it worked just fine for 1 MOT, then it stopped. We removed the battery & tested the voltage which was ok, refitted the battery & it worked for 1 operation. We left the battery out for a couple of days & when we refitted it again it worked for about 8 MOT's then stopped working again. We wondered if you would mind taking another look as we would like to get this remote working. We understand the testing will be more longwinded than normal & therefore have no objection to paying again.

Kayami (x2) CS-10/20-DP

Kayami (x2) CS-10/20-DP Repair

Both remotes have stopped working. I have changed batteries but with no success.

Bose Rcv1t-40

Bose Rcv1t-40 Repair

Not working with control unit even after new batteries inserted. Control unit works if used manually

SUN SBA 2000/2080       TYPE RC02A

SUN SBA 2000/2080 TYPE RC02A Repair


Vibradorm 00.103.213.  9950-owe

Vibradorm 00.103.213. 9950-owe Repair

A couple of weeks ago, the 'up' buttons for the bottom section stopped working. Then, the light stayed on carried on moving up and couldn't be used until it decided to stop. It also went back up on its own after I'd put it down! Last night the light just stayed on and didn't work at all. I am Tetraplegic and cannot move so am completely dependent on my bed. I read that you send these back straight away - I would really appreciate a quick return

Mertic Maxitrol G30-ZRHSO

Mertic Maxitrol G30-ZRHSO Repair

The gas fire and remote is about 7 years old and has worked well until recently. It will not like the fire, when tested against the battery module the red light flickers intermittingly. When pressing the button to extinguish the fire the light glows constantly suggestly it is the starter in the remote. There is also a slight rattle within the remote.

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