Recent Repair Jobs

Verine Fire

Verine Fire Repair

Off button lights LED on handset but standby and power up and down buttons do not tigger the light.

Ves In Car DVD

Ves In Car DVD Repair

Cannot get it to power on There is corrosion on some circuit

Verine Fire

Verine Fire Repair

Top left button not pressing down Top and bottom right not lighting I think buttons need cleaning as remote not being used for a long time

Telestyreisen ALR 9446    Ue 950020

Telestyreisen ALR 9446 Ue 950020 Repair

Red light comes on but fails to operate the garage door. A second unit still operates the door so I have concluded the fault remains with this hand set.

Hi Fi hf-638p

Hi Fi hf-638p Repair

not to sure could be something inside the unit the unit is only about 4/5 years old never been used much would be grateful if u can have a look at it for me kind regards james


DIMPLEX RC01-005 Repair


flavel fire fjbl02rn

flavel fire fjbl02rn Repair

loose wire to battery and circuit board, plus battery cover missing

Sony ZS-D55

Sony ZS-D55 Repair

Battery has leaked - also where 2Aa batts are inserted - a piece of metal is missing .

Enduro Caravan Mover

Enduro Caravan Mover Repair

Indicator light does not work although the controler operates but it is useful to know that system is on line

Sony RM-U45

Sony RM-U45 Repair

Remote not working, at first intermittent now completely, tried new batteries and cleaning it but still not working


Sleepeezee Repair

Both remote controls fail to respond to any inputs when a button is pressed. On one, the light illuminates for a very short time on its own once the battery is removed.

RMseries RMC 3080

RMseries RMC 3080 Repair

Back off faulty buttons-can't find replacement suitable for my TV Seems to need cover off a certain amount to work!

Mertik Maxitrol G30 ZRHD

Mertik Maxitrol G30 ZRHD Repair

Only works when 6 inches from fire

TRUMA Caravan Mover

TRUMA Caravan Mover Repair

Leaked battery caused the battery spring wire connections to go green of which one of the spring battery coil broke away (this being the coil that engages to the negative battery terminal and also keeps the battery in place). The controller will need a new coil to be fitted and other wires cleaned up

BM BM IR X010-40.1

BM BM IR X010-40.1 Repair

IR not working

Denon RC-1127  - not working following drop on floor

Denon RC-1127 - not working following drop on floor Repair

All functions not working following drop on floor


ELTAX HT-153 Repair

Corrosion due to leaky batteries. Remote doesn't work. Hopefully it's just the battery compartment and its connections, and not actual electronics.

Silvelox TSM2

Silvelox TSM2 Repair

Only the bottom button was programmed to be used to open the door. The remote was immersed in flood water, but has been carefully dried and a new battery installed. When the button is pushed the red light illuminates but the door does not open. I have tried reprogramming the remote with the door motor, but it still does not work.

pro-signal psg02077

pro-signal psg02077 Repair

remote is not sending the signal to the receiver.

Pioneer AXD7511

Pioneer AXD7511 Repair

Buttons not functioning : i) RCV ii) SETUP also unable to select album/tracks on Jukebox from LCD screen

GAZCO Mertik Maxitrol G30 ZRHSO

GAZCO Mertik Maxitrol G30 ZRHSO Repair

Ignition is not working



It won't work when the main top large button is pressed (the one used to put the fire on). The lower button (to switch the fire off) still operates the fire. I am not sure if any of the other buttons (Auto and Clock) are affected as I am unable to power the fire on.

Bose  RC28T1-40

Bose RC28T1-40 Repair

RF arial and solder pads have become detached from PCB.

Mertik Maxitrol  B6R-H8TL3B

Mertik Maxitrol B6R-H8TL3B Repair

Remote won't turn on any more. I tried replacing batteries but this didn't work.

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