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sun roller brake tester

sun roller brake tester Repair

battery cover missing broken, intermittent operation


LG AN-MR400P Repair

The remote does not work at all. The batteries have been changed but still no response. On changing the batteries, there was noticeable heat from the remote control. the batteries were therefore removed and these were very warm as well.

Firmadoor  Door

Firmadoor Door Repair

Remote is dead, faulty button

Pyramid E7587

Pyramid E7587 Repair

Completely dead as if batteries are flat

Mertik maxitrol g30 G30 zeros

Mertik maxitrol g30 G30 zeros Repair

The control turns the fire down but not up. On occasion it will flash the recivier on up power but attempts to go down for a short period. I think it is fine on the down button but is sending the incorrect signal on the up power.

Gazco Riva

Gazco Riva Repair

The remote was placed on top of the fire & the heat has affected the case of the remote and subsequently the buttons are no longer fixed in place, however the remote is still controlling the fire.

Onkyo RC-717M

Onkyo RC-717M Repair

Buttons light up permanently; no 'reaction' by amplifier; something rattling inside.

Samsung DVD-VR350M

Samsung DVD-VR350M Repair

Intermittent response to some of the controls. Others have no response - particulary (but not only) eject, pause and stop

Garage PDT KF04-433RC

Garage PDT KF04-433RC Repair

Works fine with new batteries. But the batteries are completely dead after a couple of days - when the remote hasn't even been used.

Sony RM-SCU37

Sony RM-SCU37 Repair

None of the buttons work

Carolina B and Q

Carolina B and Q Repair

Control was melted..all buttons seem to work as red light comes on when pressing them.but fire is not responding to the commands...

Firmadoor B&D roll a door

Firmadoor B&D roll a door Repair

neither openers work the LED light does not funcion at all now. Recently it has been intermittent and when it dose the door responds. I am asending both as discussed on the phone to see what is possible thanks

Sun SBA 2000/2080

Sun SBA 2000/2080 Repair

Only works intermittant, now doesnt work at all

Magiglo Custom 18 ES51149/2

Magiglo Custom 18 ES51149/2 Repair

Batteries corroded in receiver and black and red wire detached from circuit board no issues with the remote control

Oma Roller Brake Tester

Oma Roller Brake Tester Repair

top button that says right on it is not transmitting


Blaupunkt Repair

Remote is dead, put new batteries in but remains dead.

Wurlitzer 0059745

Wurlitzer 0059745 Repair

Not working at all



When connected to charge the symbol does not show on the screen,we think it is taking some charge as when the mode button is pressed the red led light will light at times but now seems to be flat,cannot get it to work as it is not switching on.i did phone you on Tuesday 17/11/2105 and explained the problem

Burley 583-R

Burley 583-R Repair

Think batteries may have been wet inside the remote

Mertik Maxitrol G6R-H4S

Mertik Maxitrol G6R-H4S Repair

When both buttons are pressed to ignite the fire the red light on the remote doesn't highlight to indicate the remote is working. New batteries fitted in both the remote and receiver ( inside the fire) - still nothing from the remote. Looked at remote through iPhone camera as advised to check for flashing - nothing happens.

Canton DM50

Canton DM50 Repair

No response at all.

Mertik Maxitrol Focal Point Fires

Mertik Maxitrol Focal Point Fires Repair

Dropped from top of Fire Place Not sending signal

Vibradorm Cable damaged/semi sheared at base of handset.

Vibradorm Cable damaged/semi sheared at base of handset. Repair

Cable damaged/semi sheared at base of handset.

vibrodorm abs 9ve block

vibrodorm abs 9ve block Repair

only one button working and the head foot working intgermittently

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