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COPRECI MMB 22600-02

COPRECI MMB 22600-02 Repair

in spite of new battery, remote control switch randomly from "on" to "off" and vice versa, it can happen as well by pushing button like SET or ON/OFF.I tried to glue battery contact(not well aligned with one of the 3 battery) on the back believing of a short circuit but result remains the same

mertik gr6-h4s

mertik gr6-h4s Repair

battery cover missing
no buttons responding

Gazco Manhattan

Gazco Manhattan Repair

Have to press really hard for a long period of time and wave around to get it to turn on flame effect, low or high.

Gazco MMB22600

Gazco MMB22600 Repair

Remote doesn't work, come on, even with new batteries.




 PDT KF04-433RC

PDT KF04-433RC Repair

Just stop working. No lights flashing. Battery has been changed but not make any difference

Mertik Maxitrol G6R H4 T1

Mertik Maxitrol G6R H4 T1 Repair

The remote doesn’t work at all. No display and no reaction on the reciever. The same as Sith an empty battery. I changed the battery but stil no result. Checked the wiring from the battery to the PCB but that was also OK. Problem must be in the PCB.9

Marantz RC010SR

Marantz RC010SR Repair

The product has become unpredictable over the past year, only working if pointed in a certain way, then not working then working again etc. At some point in the past the buttons were a little sticky so I suspect our child spilt something on it but it continued to work. Now it seems to have stopped altogether

Mertik/Maxitrol G30-ZRRTT - Remote and Receiver

Mertik/Maxitrol G30-ZRRTT - Remote and Receiver Repair

Remote does not properly work when new battery is installed. Remote turns on but time cannot be set and goes into ongoing countdown mode. Buttons will not operate.
I am sending both the remote and receiver for evaluation and repair.

Denon RC-1127

Denon RC-1127 Repair

All buttons work except volume up and down

VIBRADORM 10.053.003  ASa/HKu 0.5  10/1/2013

VIBRADORM 10.053.003 ASa/HKu 0.5 10/1/2013 Repair

Appears to be no power. First one end of the bed did not respond but shortly after neither end responded and there was no light.

Mertik Maxitrol G30 - ZRHSO - Z26

Mertik Maxitrol G30 - ZRHSO - Z26 Repair

Doesn't work following being dropped

Toshiba 37BV701B

Toshiba 37BV701B Repair

The remote was going faulty - sometimes it worked when buttons pressed - at other times it wouldn't work. Then it just gave up altogether! I've tried various battery replacements, etc - but it does not work at all . . .

Brilliant  Ledge

Brilliant Ledge Repair

The remote works intermittently . Gas engineer said I should replace it but will found your site and am hoping you can get it working properly again!

Pioneer AXD7511

Pioneer AXD7511 Repair

LCD screen not functioning but buttons on remote work. Changed battery, but same issue

Verine Fire

Verine Fire Repair

All buttons not working and battery wires broken. They don't click like they used to either i.e. No sound when pushed in.

Audio Pro Addon T20

Audio Pro Addon T20 Repair

The remote control is not working period. The lights on the main speakers come on and I have changed batteries a few times on the remote but no change

Vibradorm QS12 0.2

Vibradorm QS12 0.2 Repair

The button which controls lifting the bed head and the foot simulataneously and the one which raises the bed head no longer work.

Firmadoor FMD-2

Firmadoor FMD-2 Repair

Remote no longer operates the garage door - the light doesn't come on.

Tempur System 2000

Tempur System 2000 Repair

No light coming on on the handset, or sure if it is the hand set or the actual bed.

Mertik Maxitrol Remote Transmitter G30-ZRHTT / Receiver G30-ZRRTT / Cable G30-ZRCTT

Mertik Maxitrol Remote Transmitter G30-ZRHTT / Receiver G30-ZRRTT / Cable G30-ZRCTT Repair

Flame reduction does not work (likely 40khz crystal failure similar to case 2306 on Youtube).

BHD Brinkmann

BHD Brinkmann Repair

The remote control is used to turn on/off the led lights on a TV stand/furniture and to change the color and intensity of lights. Since it fell on the floor it has stopped working and I cannot longer turn on the lights of this furniture or change them

Mertik Maxitrol

Mertik Maxitrol Repair

Up and down led on remote light up but led's on receiver do not light up and does not operate the motor

Flambeau fire 71106-800-101

Flambeau fire 71106-800-101 Repair

Three out of the four buttons do not work. Unable to turn fire on or off.

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