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Magiglo Fire

Magiglo Fire Repair

just does not work--I bought a new battery and it worked sparodically, but then not at all

Pioneer PDP-R04G

Pioneer PDP-R04G Repair

no buttons work at all. It's my housemate's and the remote has been broken for ages... he suspects it may be water damage, but isn't sure

Magiglo Remote Fireplace

Magiglo Remote Fireplace Repair

Battreies leaked and knacked PCB, i think.

Mertik Maxitrol g30

Mertik Maxitrol g30 Repair

not working - black wire has come away from the battery connector

Logitech Harmony Ultimate

Logitech Harmony Ultimate Repair

The handset is completely dead, will not power up or charge. It shows no sign of life even when the USB cable is plugged in. Potentially, I suppose, the USB power connection doesn't work so it doesn't power up or charge. But I don't know what the problem is.

sandstrom docking station sipd9st12

sandstrom docking station sipd9st12 Repair

Unfortunately while moving house put in back pocket and sat on it while driving.Back is cracked but not front now bends in the it dosen't seem to be working

Kenwood RC-R0512 - entire unit is not working

Kenwood RC-R0512 - entire unit is not working Repair

The entire unit is not working, I have tried replacing the batteries.

Vibradorm Bed - works intermitantly

Vibradorm Bed - works intermitantly Repair

works intermitantly, have to give it a tap sometimes to make it work

Mertik Maxitrol G30-ZRHS - only worls when placed alongside receiver

Mertik Maxitrol G30-ZRHS - only worls when placed alongside receiver Repair

The fire's manual controls work fine. The batteries have been replaced in the remotes and the receiver. remote activates the receiver but only when placed alongside it

Vibradorm 00.103.247

Vibradorm 00.103.247 Repair

Battery terminals broken / gone

Bose RC28T1-40

Bose RC28T1-40 Repair

Remote has gradually lost function. Changed batteries but still no function.

Repow Golf Cart

Repow Golf Cart Repair

remote gets stuck on and the metal strip behind the batteries is missing. I have put a piece of coke can there as a temporary job



Works to turn fire on but will not respond to turn fire off LED on receiver unit does not light when trying to turn fire off


APEX MPT 1336 Repair




The battery in the handset discharges very rapidly (goes flat after a couple of days) although the handset appears to switch off ok!

CrossGym Trainer

CrossGym Trainer Repair

Has been dropped and something is rattling inside the remote which is no longer working.

Mertik Maxitrol G30 ZRPSO/G30 ZRR5

Mertik Maxitrol G30 ZRPSO/G30 ZRR5 Repair

Remote works OK on 'light up' and increase flow, but doesn't work on reduce flow or shut down.

Hoffman RC02A

Hoffman RC02A Repair

not working new battery fitted battery was heating up so was removed.

Carolina wall hung fire LDBL2000A-DD5R

Carolina wall hung fire LDBL2000A-DD5R Repair

The remote has ended up melting on the back because left on gas fire whilst on. Happy to send pictures to identify problem.


GAZCO G30 ZR HSO 9v DC Repair

Remote Control brings flame up on the Gazco Fire but will not reduce the flame or switch off. Batteries have been changed.

Verine 71106-800-101

Verine 71106-800-101 Repair

on/off and ignite buttons don't work anymore

Verine Fireplace

Verine Fireplace Repair

All buttons no longer work when pressed or are intermittant - signal cannot be sent to fire from remote making the fireplace unusable.

Marks and Spencer Munro

Marks and Spencer Munro Repair

Was working perfectly ok and just stopped working. It has stopped before and always just replaced the battery and worked fine again but just not working. Not sure if there is a loss connection somewhere in it.

mertik Maxitrol g30 g30

mertik Maxitrol g30 g30 Repair

Not working correctly, receiver lights up sometimes,and turns the gas up then doesn't turn down. Remote lights up then if you take the back off and remove battery but still have the wires attached the light will not work

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