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Remote Repaired - Awaiting Payment

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Arrived - 27-Apr-2015
Fault Diagnosed
Remote Repaired awaiting Payment

Faber G30-ZRHS & G30-ZRRS Remote Repair Details

Manufacturer : Faber

Model : G30-ZRHS & G30-ZRRS

Fault Description : I have a Faber remote control connecting to a Mertik Maxitrol G30-ZRRS receiver. I have renewed batteries in both devices. increasing heat functionality is fine but decreasing functionality doesn't work at all. LED on remote works but led on receiver is spasmodic on decreasing heat. I removed the circuit board from the remote to see if button was stuck but this isn't the case. The remote is tatty so i'm looking for a new item. If you cannot supply then can you repair the remote and provide a better casing?


This remote and receiver  arrived safely and the down function was very intermittent.  Upon opening the remote there was a dry solder joint on one of the crystal pins, this was soldered up and functionality was restored.  The receiver was also checked out and it also was found to have some solder joint problems.  These were also soldered up to prevent frther issues

 Even though we do not carry out cosmetic repairs it was requested to try and locate a replacement casing to prevent the battery cover from detaching by itself.  Luckily a spare back and battery cover was located and replaced (see testing video)

Testing Video

 Remote Images

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