Job Timeline (Ref 4625-5409)

Remote Beyond Repair

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Arrived - 06-Sep-2019
Fault Diagnosed
Remote Beyond Repair
Awaiting Return Postage Payment

If you wish us to dispose of this remote then please contact us via our Contact Page to inform us (Please remember to Quote Your Name, Address and Reference Number - 4625-5409

If no payment is received within 3 months of 06-Sep-2019 then this remote will be disposed of as per our terms and conditions.

Repair Engineer : Martin Smith
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GROHE PART NO. 45441(MC) Remote Repair Details

Manufacturer : GROHE

Model : PART NO. 45441(MC)

Fault Description : The batteries have leaked and the controller no longer works. Grohe have stopped making this controller and the shower is useless without it so I am really hoping that you will be able to fix it.


This shower controller arrived safely and on inspection was confirmed to have badly corroded battery terminals and was dead.

On opening the corrosion was found to have traversed onto the main PCB and corroded a large portion of the print.  Due to the amount corrosion a repair is not possible.

Remote Images

 grohe remote control

bad print

bad terminals

more bad terminals

more bad print

back of controller  This item was disposed of 14th Dec 2019 as per our Terms