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Remote Returned to Customer

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Arrived - 06-Oct-2019
Fault Diagnosed
Remote Repaired
Payment Received
Returned - 10-Oct-2019
Repair Engineer : Martin Smith
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Pioneer Receiver AXD7592 Remote Repair Details

Manufacturer : Pioneer Receiver

Model : AXD7592

Fault Description : The volume buttons have stopped working and are sticking . I am enclosing 2 hand-setts and would like both repairing as per my recent email to Martin. Is the hand set stripped down and fully cleaned as part of the repair?


These two pioneer controls arrived safely and on testing both were confirmed to have faulty volume response.

This is a common issue caused by decomposing worn buttons ( the volume being the most commonly worn buttons).

The PCB was cleaned up and the buttons were re-conductivised using replacement button caps which restored normal functionality.

Hi Fi System Controller Testing Video

Remote Control Repair Testing Video

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