Job Timeline (Ref 4882-5724)

Remote Beyond Repair

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Arrived - 05-Nov-2019
Fault Diagnosed
Remote Beyond Repair
Awaiting Return Postage Payment

If you wish us to dispose of this remote then please contact us via our Contact Page to inform us (Please remember to Quote Your Name, Address and Reference Number - 4882-5724

If no payment is received within 3 months of 05-Nov-2019 then this remote will be disposed of as per our terms and conditions.

Grohe Remote Repair Details

Manufacturer : Grohe

Fault Description : It was dropped power button not working


This shower control arrived safely and on inspection the casing had many cracks around the edges due to being dropped.

On adding a power source no signs of life could be found.  When opened there were some spots of print corrosion due to waster contamination and also the negative terminal was poorley soldered.

An attempt was made to bridge the various corrosion points but sadly the damage was too severe.  This has deemed a repair not possible.

Remote Images

 grohe remote repair

cracked case

back of controller