Recent Repair Jobs

Legend firestrata

Legend firestrata Repair

All the buttons work but there isnt a red light coming on. I think the wiring has maybe cone loose.


Bed Repair

The wire is thread bare. The remote will not operate the bottom of the bed. When I plug in a vibradorm control the bed works ok. One of the wires has snapped.


Flambeau Repair

Red light on remote won’t turn on when buttons are pressed

Dimplex fire rc01-008

Dimplex fire rc01-008 Repair

It is a two button remote controller. It now does not turn fire off and is not always turning it on. We have tried a new set of batteries twice.

Faber FF09105

Faber FF09105 Repair

Left hand button with one flame above not working, now overly pressed so doe’snt pop up again

Powrwheel fmcd13764005-13

Powrwheel fmcd13764005-13 Repair

Only switches on intermittently think the start and stop buttons are sticking.

Glow Worm  Climapro 2

Glow Worm Climapro 2 Repair

Water damaged screen

Tempur Bed

Tempur Bed Repair

Battery Section needs repairing


Powerwheel Repair

The remote will not light up or work with it's own power supply It works when connected to the caravan control box It is just not getting the power from the 9v battery

Kit  Sound Chorus

Kit Sound Chorus Repair

Controller not working at all

Mertik maxitrol G30-ZRHS

Mertik maxitrol G30-ZRHS Repair

the remote does not activate the gas fire I have replaced the battery but neither button on being pressed registers any response at the gas fire

Velux 3LR A01 WW Type 63321201

Velux 3LR A01 WW Type 63321201 Repair

The spring at the bottom is rusty as battery corroded against spring and now not registering any power. Remote window works will operate with another controller

Truma Sr

Truma Sr Repair

Will not switch on

Sony RHT-G900

Sony RHT-G900 Repair

Nothing works after changing the batteries

Polaroid LE-32GCL

Polaroid LE-32GCL Repair

I dropped it on the floor and none of the buttons work at all

Towsure UT203

Towsure UT203 Repair

Light is not appearing at the top of the remote and not engaging with the caravan. Assuming no signal is being sent.


Meditek Repair

The buttons do not respond. We have tried changing the battery as well. The battery is also slightly loose fitting.


GROHE PART NO. 45441(MC) Repair

The batteries have leaked and the controller no longer works. Grohe have stopped making this controller and the shower is useless without it so I am really hoping that you will be able to fix it.

Garage door PDT KF04-433RC

Garage door PDT KF04-433RC Repair

Not working

Fat man

Fat man Repair

Remote not working, but if a rattle looks like ir bulb broken

Dru Fireplace

Dru Fireplace Repair

Remote only works sporadically There is no other way to control the functions of the fire No manual controls but On/Off

Legend Fire

Legend Fire Repair

Intermittent failure of buttons

Verine 700 Vertex VFL700NG

Verine 700 Vertex VFL700NG Repair

Infra red light does not appear to light/contact with fire and fire is therefore unable to light. I cannot see any part within the fire which is not working.

Purpleline (quattro)

Purpleline (quattro) Repair

does not appear to be sending a signal. I think it should bleep when power button is pressed twice. I have another remote without the auto engage which works fine on the system but I have to engagge the motors manually.

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