Recent Repair Jobs

GO 2

GO 2 Repair

Stop working may have been dropped , stops and starts

Grohe 45441

Grohe 45441 Repair

O1service keeps flashing even after new batteries.

LG An-mr650

LG An-mr650 Repair

Peace came off the circuit board where battery goes and case has a bit snapped off

Ceiling Fan SF6-1

Ceiling Fan SF6-1 Repair

Circuit board cracked

Seriennr Brake Tester

Seriennr Brake Tester Repair

both roller start buttons (Green buttons)

Velux 83321201

Velux 83321201 Repair

Just stopped working possibly dropped

Gaprufte Sicherheit Ceiling Fan c-56

Gaprufte Sicherheit Ceiling Fan c-56 Repair

no longer working with new batterys

Glow Worm  Climapro2

Glow Worm Climapro2 Repair

Device stopped working following the handset being dropped. New batteries won't power up up the handset. Terminal damage possibly?



Remote will not open the gas valve. Light comes on the remote but not the receiver, works intermittently on the close cycle.



corroded battery terminals in receiver box


Purpleline Repair

Remote not working




Securoglide PDT KF04-433RC  - 231071

Securoglide PDT KF04-433RC - 231071 Repair

2 remotes sent -both remotes don't work with covers on.If i remove the cover and press the buttons on transmitter it works. (In one remote all 3 buttons work in another remote only open and close work)

Faber G30-ZRHS and G30-GZRRS

Faber G30-ZRHS and G30-GZRRS Repair

The ultrasound receiver is just blinking on and off and the remote cannot gain any control to turn fire up or down. Prior to that the fire just started turning itself down via the receiver without touching the remote.

Sony RM-AAU035

Sony RM-AAU035 Repair

AV unit (have owned from new) no longer responds to the remote at all. Batteries are tested known good, no leaks.

Meditek Meditek 160

Meditek Meditek 160 Repair

Stairlift remote no power from remote both red and green buttons should light red light (when pressed) above buttons to raise and lower stairlift

Redring Xpelair Group Digitemp 41864SK

Redring Xpelair Group Digitemp 41864SK Repair

Sometimes all the icons on the remote control would be lit up and pressing any button on the remote wouldn't allow you to choose the sun icon for heat for example. Seems to freeze in this state. Taking the batteries out and putting them back in seemed to help sometimes or turning the unit on and off in the wall. Fault is intermittent and even still carries on if you replace batteries. The beep noise which happens when the remote talks to the main unit is also intermittent.


Appa Repair

Nothing working

Keyton Sensor FT

Keyton Sensor FT Repair

Remote control fails to connect to chair or control it in any way, tried repair and no change, the display on remote works ok and reacts to all button presses I have tried as expected.
I do not know if it is the chair not receiving the signal, or the remote is not sending it.

Velux 3LR A01 WW Type 833212

Velux 3LR A01 WW Type 833212 Repair

Even with new batteries is dead.

Glow worm Climapro 2

Glow worm Climapro 2 Repair

Blank Screen

Seceuroglide PDT KF04-433RC

Seceuroglide PDT KF04-433RC Repair

Key Fob went through the washing machine and now doesn't work.


MERCEDES MPT 1340 Repair

Not catching signal to turn on through either buttons

reich 527-0521

reich 527-0521 Repair

on button not bringing on light to start operation of movers

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