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Copreci Mmb22600

Copreci Mmb22600 Repair

Hi. Remtote seems ok, but didn't communicate with the control bix anymore. Control box was still working in manual mode, till a few weeks. I've tried to check for a bad connection, and sometimes the pilot light was lighting again when I moved the control box a little. Now nothing happens anymore. I would like to send you both remote and controlbox for checking. Is this possible? Controlbox ref is Copreci UCMB 22600

Iglu  waterproof tv

Iglu waterproof tv Repair

Menu button isn’t working so I’m unable to retune the television

Mertik Maxicontrol G30-ZRRS

Mertik Maxicontrol G30-ZRRS Repair

The remote works for setting the flames on/higher but not off/lower

Arcam Solo

Arcam Solo Repair

Entire unit not working

Mertik Maxitrol G30-ZRRS

Mertik Maxitrol G30-ZRRS Repair

Not sure of fault. Batteries inside were dead and signs of corrosion of copper (green deposit) at or near battery terminals plus possible battery leakage. I scraped off corrosion, fitted new batteries, and it worked ok for a while. However, it had failed an hour later. The receiver unit light does not illuminate using a functioning remote (not the one I'm sending for repair. Maybe I disturbed terminals to maybe corrosion of joints?

Pioneer AXD7613

Pioneer AXD7613 Repair

Volume buttons up and down



Bed up at top and bottom or both not working

mertik maxitrol

mertik maxitrol Repair

very erratic, some times works for a sec then don't

Acoustic Solutions SP151

Acoustic Solutions SP151 Repair

Remote was working on all buttons and just stopped after a bit of prolonged usage (typing track names in). Did camera test and no output from IR LED, tested LED with multi meter and dead both ways (+to+ -to-, +to- -to+). I have replaced the LED myself with a new one which now tests good(should be in the right way round but please check) but this has not fixed the problem.

Climapro 2

Climapro 2 Repair

Front screen error message:

Installer menu access
Access Code: 0

But I can't change the number on the front, nothing seems to change/work


Sim2 Repair

Not response. Probably broken transistor.

Enduro purple line Quottro

Enduro purple line Quottro Repair

Remote not operating mover

Gazco 8590

Gazco 8590 Repair

The Send butto has fallen out - just does not work - csnnot turn on fire without it.

LG 6711R1P072B

LG 6711R1P072B Repair

Buttons not working


Willowbrook Repair

Wires have become detached from remote point


Powertouch Repair

It was left outside in the rain now. It won't switch on

Paragon Focus

Paragon Focus Repair

Left hand side button (*2) variable / weak

Glow worm Climapro2

Glow worm Climapro2 Repair

Thermostat no longer gives the correct reading on the display; it displays a hotter temperature than the room actually is eg stuck at 30c or Two dashes where the digits should be = therefore the combi thinks that the desired heating temperature has been reached and won’t turn the central heating on. Remote / Display works fine other than that.

Mertik Maxitrol G6R-HIO

Mertik Maxitrol G6R-HIO Repair

Increase Flame (top right) and Pilot Light (bottom left) buttons not working

Mertrix Maxitrol G30-ZRRS

Mertrix Maxitrol G30-ZRRS Repair

The remote operation was intermittent and then stopped working. Have taken it apart and there are no obvious signs of loose joints or burning. The red light works on sender. Light is okay on receiver, when tested separately, but not when sender operates. I know the motor on gas fire works as I can operate it directly from the batteries.


E-go Repair

Forward and reverse buttons do not function correctly



No display, does not operate fire.

Quottro technology

Quottro technology Repair

Lights up when batteries first installed. But then won't power on

Sun - Wallis Universal CE92056418

Sun - Wallis Universal CE92056418 Repair

L/ON and R/ON buttons not responding (left side buttons on lower row). Repair if possible. Supply a cloned remote if possible.

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