Recent Repair Jobs

PowrTouch Model 1

PowrTouch Model 1 Repair

Battery connector wire had broken. Soldered a new battery connector in and initially it worked fine. Now works intermittently, with a shake.

Mertik Maxitrol  G30 ZRHSO

Mertik Maxitrol G30 ZRHSO Repair

The flame up button doesn’t work at all And the flame down is temperamental

Panasonic EUR7722X99

Panasonic EUR7722X99 Repair

Most buttons not working



No response with new battery

Powrwheel 10168-002-02

Powrwheel 10168-002-02 Repair

Remote is no longer pairing with control unit but works fine with a 3.5mm cable.

Sony RM-S171

Sony RM-S171 Repair

Before your asking it just did not switch on and off which is what we mostly use it for as on/off button on system is broken.
On your asking - went back, replaced with new batteries, and tried - everything worked if buttons held down firmly. Next day nothing

Dimes retractable staircase  PF.0014

Dimes retractable staircase PF.0014 Repair

Only two buttons but neither seem to be working



Will not work more than 6" away from the gas fire


MAHA Repair


sun sba 2000/2080

sun sba 2000/2080 Repair

Hi, we have 2 x remotes both have stopped working.

Reich gmbH 527-0500

Reich gmbH 527-0500 Repair

The wires came off the battery pack, but worked while touching it to the battery, After trying to reattach myself, the main light isn't coming on so presume its not working

Reich 527-0530

Reich 527-0530 Repair

Normally when start-up button is pressed, the light comes on to indicate ready for use. This is not working. I put in a new battery and cleaned the terminals but no change.The unit has no effect either with the start light off.

Camper Trolley 1500ct

Camper Trolley 1500ct Repair

Will not start up



Receiver unit not reacting to remote control

Autowatch 458RL

Autowatch 458RL Repair

When battery is placed in fob system goes live and continuously sends signal to alarm sensor in vehicle and red display light stays on on fob.

Berkline 3402HR

Berkline 3402HR Repair

The chair close button is refusing to work. It was fine, then last night it suddenly started to jerk, closing the chair by millimeters on each press of the button then it gave up all together so the chair is currently stuck in the reclined position. I unplugged the remote to check the connection but all looks ok and suspect the connection between the button and the electronics below in the handset. Found you so please can you fix it as a quick internet search shows these aren't available anymore from the few suppliers in the US. Please help me!!!!

Riviera Easi Move  UR203

Riviera Easi Move UR203 Repair

9v PP9 Battery connections pulled off during use and possibly shorted the controller. Not functioning at all


Vibradorm Repair

Solid red light no control with any buttons

mertik maxitrol g6r-r4an

mertik maxitrol g6r-r4an Repair

not lighting gas fire possible battery leakage

Denon RC 1117 (1146)

Denon RC 1117 (1146) Repair

I dropped the remote control. The on button is not working on the front nor the other "Main on" button inside the back flap. I cannot therefore switch on the receiver with the remote. When the receiver is on, none of the remote buttons work, for example the volume, input change on the front and sound dynamics ones inside the back flap.

Velux 833212

Velux 833212 Repair

Completely dead

Enduro EM103

Enduro EM103 Repair

The red button / light has ceased to work. The handset has ceased to communicate with the electronic control unit.

Concern for Comfort

Concern for Comfort Repair

Up button difficult to work. Contacts for battery loose.


Fireplace Repair

Batteries have corroded

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