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verine Repair

no response from remote /no orange light Battery change no improvement

Widney Camargue

Widney Camargue Repair

Control does not work at all


YAMAHA FSR102 WR90390 Repair

Not conmmunicating with sound bar


Verine Repair

This is very common gas fire remote used on many diffrent gas fires / it only has four contacts none of which lights up the led with a solid light it only flickers / the bottom two light up sometimes but the top two hardly ever / it needs all four contacts working to switch on the gas fire then control the flame height then switch off the fire.


NuFlame Repair

None of the four buttons appears to be working - the LED on the remote does not come on when any button is pressed. Have replaced battery - has made no difference.

GAZCO Riva 53 and 67

GAZCO Riva 53 and 67 Repair

red light on handset fails to operate

Cambridge Audio RC-540R V2.0

Cambridge Audio RC-540R V2.0 Repair

Nothing seems to changes when any buttons are pressed especially volume and device changing. It was originally programmed but a setup company to the speakers in the room (to have a sweet spot) and worked for years but no longer functions

Wall Timer Gx-IR03

Wall Timer Gx-IR03 Repair

The clock doesn't respond to button activation. Have to press several times to illicit a response.

Sony RM-AAU035

Sony RM-AAU035 Repair

Remote not working at all

Powrtouch Model 1

Powrtouch Model 1 Repair

Controller had corrosion on battery terminals, father in law cleaned and found loose terminal wire, which he soldered. The controller worked for the first time of using but now does not have any power.

Waterproof TV

Waterproof TV Repair

Nothing working on remote

pioneer axd7364

pioneer axd7364 Repair

some of the buttons near the bottom including the volume up and down, surround controls ,mute and remote setup do not work

Mertik - Maxitrol G30 -ZRRS

Mertik - Maxitrol G30 -ZRRS Repair

No response from the receiver

Paragon Focus HE HV1000357

Paragon Focus HE HV1000357 Repair

Bottom right button.

Verine FL700NG, FL700P

Verine FL700NG, FL700P Repair

I can't ignite the fire place. At first, it was just taking longer than usual but then it stopped working altogether. It might be something wrong with the start up button as the fire places has just been recently serviced and worked well otherwise.

Dometic  Heki 4plud skylight

Dometic Heki 4plud skylight Repair

All buttons fail; the metal plate that keeps the batteries in series is broken. You put brand new batteries in the remote and it works for a day, including the lights. It rained so the roof closed automatic.

Mertik Maxittrol G30 ZRHD

Mertik Maxittrol G30 ZRHD Repair

The hand set is not transmitting to the receiver in either increase or decrease mode

Mertik Maxitrol B-142670

Mertik Maxitrol B-142670 Repair

Remote switching has simply stopped being operable not sure if handset or receiver though

Pioneer AXD7511

Pioneer AXD7511 Repair

Remote continuous goes off and is not responsive. When remote is on, the touchscreen will sometimes be very very dim. Have tried changing batteries/resetting remote. When touchscreen is off, buttons are not responsive either. Remote has had occasions where it will work fine, however after about 10 mins it will turn off again.

Dia Dragon

Dia Dragon Repair

Wire unattached from body, lcd screen broken, screws missing, please repair if there are any reasonable extra costs please continue

sony RM-U306A

sony RM-U306A Repair

ultra violet light not working therefore remote not working !!!

Mertik Maxitol G30-ZRHS trans x 1, G30-ZRRS receivers x 2.

Mertik Maxitol G30-ZRHS trans x 1, G30-ZRRS receivers x 2. Repair

Handset 'working with receiver marked No1' will operate okay when up button pressed but not when down button pressed light will illuminate on handset but not receiver!
Receiver marked No2 - handset light illuminates when both up and down buttons pressed but nothing happens at receiver.


Triton Repair

2 remotes.. First: only 3 buttons work Second: No buttons work

Yamaha FSR102 WR90390

Yamaha FSR102 WR90390 Repair


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