Recent Repair Jobs

Merlin M-872

Merlin M-872 Repair

Buttons not working. Button on reciever unit still functions.

Triton Body Dryer

Triton Body Dryer Repair

Button worn and unreliable alson battery cover loose/pins snapped -- taped up but tghis ok

Powakaddy Robokaddy

Powakaddy Robokaddy Repair

Buttons do not respond to control trolley. Flickers green rapidly when battery connected


AE Repair

Remote seems to have failed completely. Did seem to work intermittently with a little pressure on the control but not anymore

Reich  527-0521

Reich 527-0521 Repair

It will not turn on when pressing the red button


Valor Repair

No function from any button, tried new batteries but still no response.

Mertik Maxitrol G30-ZRHSO

Mertik Maxitrol G30-ZRHSO Repair

Controller reduces heat but will not increase heat. In the "Up" mode the receiver LED flashes momentarily but no control achieved.
Batteries changed in both Transmitter and Receiver but no difference noted. "UP" function did work once but failed again.


Burley Repair

Just doesn't work the fire remotely anymore. I bought the fire/remote about 10 years ago.

Hulsta Topmove100

Hulsta Topmove100 Repair

No control to bedmotor


Dometic Repair

Hi as per telephone conversation on Saturday morning can you please check operation and also repair battery holder. Also you talked about pairing remote with window.


Triton Repair

Buttons Damaged not working


MAHA RECO 1 Repair


Vibradorm Duo Mat  ABS VIF/VRT 06.06.02

Vibradorm Duo Mat ABS VIF/VRT 06.06.02 Repair

Battery connection broken off

Mertik G30 02315302

Mertik G30 02315302 Repair

LED on remote control not light up “steady”

mobile tv

mobile tv Repair

this remote fails to work at all.


Magical Repair

Neon on remote does not work and buttons sometime slow to respond and need repeated pushes


Vibradorm Repair

The raising and lowering functions on the remote do not appear to work (six buttons with arrows). The other functions with a wave symbol all appear to work along with the off and green light buttons.

Bang and Oulfsen Beolink 1000

Bang and Oulfsen Beolink 1000 Repair

Buttons sticking especially volume, there may be others but unable to test them

mertik maxitrol G30 ZRRS

mertik maxitrol G30 ZRRS Repair

Returned home to find flame control clicking continuously. Changed batteries but system not working. Light on receiver does not come on when using remote-- although it does sometimes flash on and off. If remote does sometimes work only one of the flame increase buttons appears to work.

Marantec DC313-868 x 3  and D212 x 2

Marantec DC313-868 x 3 and D212 x 2 Repair

D313-868 x 3Remotes are not working and i have no idea what the faults are. The D212 x 1 fault unknown x 2 pcb and battery connectors are loose

Merton Maxitrol G30-ZRRS and G30-ZRHSO

Merton Maxitrol G30-ZRRS and G30-ZRHSO Repair

The 9 volt hand controller is fine but the receiver is faulty. It started driving the gas valve without receiving a signal from the hand remote. The only way I could stop it was to remove the batteries. There was signs of corrosion at the battery terminals which I tried remove. I fitted new batteries but now the red LED does not light and the receiver will not respond to the controller.

Wonderfire Airflame Excek Mk.3

Wonderfire Airflame Excek Mk.3 Repair

While the controller works fine, it runs down the 9V batteries in a matter of weeks.

truma mover

truma mover Repair

Will not switch on


Powrtouch Repair

The battery connector is broken

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