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Sleepeezee T83775  D/C 9806

Sleepeezee T83775 D/C 9806 Repair

All the buttons are working bar the head massage button number 2. However, the remote is on the wrong frequency and is operating the other half of the bed which has its own remote control panel. This remote was operating the correct side of the bed until we changed the battery.

Mertik Maxitrol G6R

Mertik Maxitrol G6R Repair

Receiver does not appear to receive signal from remote

Bang & Olufsen Beolink 1000

Bang & Olufsen Beolink 1000 Repair

This came with a B&O CD player that I bought off eBay - the seller told me the remote didn't seem to be working, due to what they thought was a battery leak.

Expelair Digitemp

Expelair Digitemp Repair

Both remotes do not function at all, for a brief while one screen had what appeared to be a reset screen with all icons showing however this has now dissapeared as well

Legends Fire

Legends Fire Repair

All 4 buttons aren’t working great but in particular the top left one (bigger round button) which is used to switch the fire off

Bose  321 GSX

Bose 321 GSX Repair

not working

Purpleline Enduro

Purpleline Enduro Repair

No LED response. New battery fitted without success. No communication with Electronic Control Unit in Caravan.

Gliderol TM-27Mhz N12282

Gliderol TM-27Mhz N12282 Repair

Was working intermittently Put a new battery in thinking that was the fault Now not working at all

Vibradorm 9425 2.2 B

Vibradorm 9425 2.2 B Repair

Cause of the problem seems to be the cable.

Mertik Maxitrol

Mertik Maxitrol Repair

Does not functionG6R-H4TV21-Z22

ACii AirCon

ACii AirCon Repair

Battery terminals missing and battery cover


Triton Repair

The battery connector has come away where the battery pushes onto and is now missing. The remote was dropped. The remote was in full working order prior to this but if you’d be kind enough to check fully

metik maxitrol g30zrhso

metik maxitrol g30zrhso Repair

a wire has come lose in side cotrol

PDT KF04-433RC

PDT KF04-433RC Repair


Copland CDA 266

Copland CDA 266 Repair

The remote control not working. When pushing remote control buttons, blinking green light, for some buttons, right side, green light not blinking.

Proof vision  Water proof

Proof vision Water proof Repair

Does no work

Denon RC-899

Denon RC-899 Repair

Dead. Remote has small LCD display and this does not show anything. Tried new batteries etc

Yamaha Wj55360

Yamaha Wj55360 Repair

Seems dead - all buttons I sent it to you two years ago and you repaired it for the same reason, but the fault has recurred.

SIT 4 button Gas Fire

SIT 4 button Gas Fire Repair

Only one button seems to be working. (Top left) Fire works correctly with manual controls. And two different new batteries tried with remote.

Verine Vertex FL700NG

Verine Vertex FL700NG Repair

Fire will not start. Was working but had to hold remote very close to the receiver. Spoke to Martin on the phone and we established that some of the buttons were not working at all and some very intermittently.

Focal point

Focal point Repair

Trouble with putting batterie in



Won’t turn on, it should turn on from the adapted button (I never installed it) on the bottom and the green light should alight.


Keyton Repair

Buttons not working and screen gone blank.


Triton Repair

No longer works. Discussed with Martin

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