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Domestic Heki 4 Caravan skylight

Domestic Heki 4 Caravan skylight Repair

nothing works on remote. skylight powers up when caravan power is put on. If you manually open skylight rain sensor closes it. The lights wont operate from remote .

Pioneer AXD7364

Pioneer AXD7364 Repair

Batteries have suddenly stopped supplying power to the handset. Once fixed it will be easy to test as the remote has an LCD screen which glows orange when any of the top 4 buttons are pressed. I would also appreciate it if you could give the remote control a thorough clean around the buttons whilst it is apart. I have taken out the screws for your ease of repair which I will retain until I get the item back.

Metrik Maxitrol G30 - ZRHD

Metrik Maxitrol G30 - ZRHD Repair

Neither up nor down fire command is received from the remote, even though the icon on the remote lights up. Down fire sometimes works if you hold the remote in a certain way with the battery cover off.
The distance that the signal travels has always been weak, maybe 5 cm at best - if you can fix the remote and increase the signal distance, I would very much appreciate it please.


Triton Repair

OFF, fan speed and fan temperature buttons not working

Mertik Maxitrol G30-ZRHSO corresponding G30-ZRRS

Mertik Maxitrol G30-ZRHSO corresponding G30-ZRRS Repair

Remote operates when buttons pressed (Light on unit) but the light on receiver lights only when remote is placed directly next to the receiver, and only when new batteries have been installed. This sometimes operated the gas valve. I assume the both remote and receiver need to be sent and without their batteries. Thanks, Joe

Pioneer AXD1562

Pioneer AXD1562 Repair



Powrwheel Repair

Power up handset and led continuous flashes as if one of the directional buttons is continually pressed. ( exactly like the one on your website ref 2455-2844) There is a short on the array button as verified using a DVM.

Kinder Proclaim HE model no. KPHL**RN

Kinder Proclaim HE model no. KPHL**RN Repair

Remote control not working at all. No writing comes up on the screen.



I had not used my circulation booster for a long time but need to now, unfortunately i thought that i had removed the two aaa batteries but obviously i did not and when i tried to use it althought the manual buttons worked ok the remote control would not i replaced the batteries and noticed the one of the old batteries must have leaked a bit at the + end and the connector had turned brown i tried cleaning it with a cotton bud but without success, and being disabled it is not easy for me to reach the floor level to operate the manual buttons. I would be most grateful if you could repair the remote control for me


YAMAHA WJ55360 Repair


e-go Caravan Motor Mover

e-go Caravan Motor Mover Repair

reverse and side r.h side reverse buttons not working,due to battery leak.

Intertech Rolling Road

Intertech Rolling Road Repair

Nothing works on remote

Samsung BN59-00516A

Samsung BN59-00516A Repair

Battery leakage

DRU metrix maxitrol G30

DRU metrix maxitrol G30 Repair

Button to reduce flame has stopped working.

Samsung  Bathroom

Samsung Bathroom Repair

Just not working

Sun  Mot testing

Sun Mot testing Repair

Not working been dropped

Satallite Electronic ID6-1

Satallite Electronic ID6-1 Repair

Broken part of circuit board

Royal Titan UM203

Royal Titan UM203 Repair

battery wire loose, intermittent connection.

SWS Seceuroglide PDT KF04-433RC

SWS Seceuroglide PDT KF04-433RC Repair

Can't get any of the buttons to work. Tried new batteries, but that makes no difference.


Kinder Repair

Leads leading to battery cap not secure. Please repair. Please also check buttons. Kind regards

Truma SE 60030 31600

Truma SE 60030 31600 Repair

Handset won't switch on. Suspect faulty connections.

Samsung BN59-00936A

Samsung BN59-00936A Repair

Remote only working partially, buttons 3, 6, 5, 4, 7, 8, 9, FAV.CH, PRE-CH, P+, P-, Source and mute all non functioning

Bathroom TV

Bathroom TV Repair

A number of buttons on the remote have stopped working. The main one being the on/off button, the issue seems to be with a number of buttons in the top section of the remote unit. I note on youtube you show a video for a repair you made to a bathroom tv remote so I hope you can fix mine.


PDT PDTKF 04 433RC Repair

2 problems 1 The contacts for the battery have become worn so fail regularly 2 The button section on the circuit board has lifted allowing debris in which seems to prevent the buttons working correctly

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