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Wurlitzer One More Time - 100 CD with F91 Amp

Wurlitzer One More Time - 100 CD with F91 Amp Repair

Remote generally doesn't work.

mertik maxitrol G30 ZZRS

mertik maxitrol G30 ZZRS Repair

new batteries in but no red light when remote used on it the remote is working

 PDT KF04-433RC

PDT KF04-433RC Repair

None of the buttons are working Spoke to somebody about it on sunday



Handset works O.K. but red light not flashing on receiver

Verine Gas Fire

Verine Gas Fire Repair

Battery connector had somehow become unwired. Tried to resolder and made a hash of it. Very odd seemed to work when solder was molten but not when it had set. Now can’t even get it to work by holding stripped wires to battery terminals


LG E7 Repair

The scrolling ball in the centre of the remote was pushed in too hard and won't retract back out.

Pic of remote

Willowbrook Vibradorm

Willowbrook Vibradorm Repair

All the buttons work when being used but when left for a while will trip the safety button on power unit. When the button is reset the red light on the hand unit immediately illuminates, this does not happen on other handset, the light only illuminates when a button is pressed on the good handset. Have transposed handsets to prove fault! There is damage to the cable. After use the red light slowly dims and if used again will trip straight away.

Samsung 1TKN300176K

Samsung 1TKN300176K Repair

Remote on/off has sstopped working maybe other buttons as wellbut all was OK until on/off failed.

Sony RM0ANU005

Sony RM0ANU005 Repair

Remote not working at all. Does not turn TV on or anything at all.

Sony Rm u305a

Sony Rm u305a Repair

Nothing working at all

DUNGS MO - IRT - 1 - 1

DUNGS MO - IRT - 1 - 1 Repair

Power/standby buttons aren't working.


Kinder Repair

remote recently stopped working unable to lower the fire and trouble turning on but battery is very loose in the handset and the black wire has now come away form the battery connector

Carver M606846

Carver M606846 Repair

Does not communicate with the control unit. Used to work if we held it close to the control unit but now nothing . . changed batteries but joy!

Yamaha RAV306

Yamaha RAV306 Repair

Remote will not work at all. It is not sending a signal to the amp.


Verine Repair

Buttons see tomwork as light indicates so but does not turn on fire place every time. It’s extremely intermittent which is frustrating and leads me to think is a fault with the remote rather than the fire.

Samsung AH59-01644D

Samsung AH59-01644D Repair

Power button not switching unit on immediately. If button pressed long enought then unit might turn on. Volume buttons not working.

Bathroom TV

Bathroom TV Repair

LCD Waterproof TV - waterproof remote - has stopped working. Tried new battery but has not worked. Not sending signal to the receiver on the TV. You show same type of remote on your publicity under ref: 3131-3622

Verine FL700NG, FL700P

Verine FL700NG, FL700P Repair

Several buttons do not work

Technics RAK-SU129WH

Technics RAK-SU129WH Repair

No buttons working any more

Sony RM-S730

Sony RM-S730 Repair

Nothing on the remote is currently working, it looks like a connection wire in battery area as snapped.


SIT Repair

Four button controller top left button


Nu-Flame Repair

Tried changing batteries but sign of life!


swissflex Repair

wire is not well

335 Flame Nguyen op

335 Flame Nguyen op Repair

Three out of four lights work intermittently but 4th not working.

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