Recent Repair Jobs

Fire RCS-01C

Fire RCS-01C Repair

Just doesnt turn the fire on or the light in the fire

Brilliant ledger 30

Brilliant ledger 30 Repair

Remote does not work at all. No lights will work when buttons pressed.

Brilliant ledge 22 (Corian) Slab range

Brilliant ledge 22 (Corian) Slab range Repair

Buttons no longer seem to work all the time. Can't turn flame down and struggled to turn off! Just paid 145.00 for a new battery in fire plus fitting, so know that is not the problem. No longer make the remote so really hoping you can fix this problem.


GAZCO MMB22600 Repair



Verine Repair

Battery terminal missing so unable to connect battery. Remote completely not workable.

Pioneer AXD7364

Pioneer AXD7364 Repair

Remote only works intermittently. New batteries fitted and it worked but then stopped again

TV CH - was sticking on while several on right column stopped working

Merton Maxitrol

Merton Maxitrol Repair

Fire up button was not working, after a replacement button it worked.. the button was too high so on second replacement I think the circuit board blew??? Now nothing working:(

Mertik Maxitrol G30 ZRRS

Mertik Maxitrol G30 ZRRS Repair

Infrared not receiving even with new batteries. Signs of leakage

Electric Fire RC01-005

Electric Fire RC01-005 Repair



Iglu Repair


Denon RC-1090

Denon RC-1090 Repair

it needs springs on the board to hold batteries in place.


goodmans Repair

spilt beer on to it and now doesnt work


Littleboy putting in water


Triton Repair

On-Off button not working so not sure of rest

Biko HCCP4904? CPU DFRC V14 06 47

Biko HCCP4904? CPU DFRC V14 06 47 Repair

When switched on the remote is showing a radio wave connection fault to the control box in the gas fire.


Brilliant Repair

High/low buttons not working

mertic gv30

mertic gv30 Repair

handsets working receivers not

Gohe 45441 remote

Gohe 45441 remote Repair

Remote works on off will turn Temperature And gown also turn power flow up and down LED screen is very faint dismantled remote to see that it looks like small battery leakage onto circuit board.

Mertix Maxitrol

Mertix Maxitrol Repair

I am sending the remote control and the receiver unit that fits in the fire. I allowed the batteries in the receiver unit to degrade and they leaked badly. I cleaned up the corrosion as much as possible and fitted new batteries but the fire does not operate fully. THe fire will ignite and you can turn it up to maximum but you cannot then turn the fire down or off.


Lglu Repair

Buttons don’t work on the tv remote anymore and it’s the only way to control the unit. Also no replacements can be found online so it’s conpletely useless without the remote. Thank you

Mertik Maxitrol G30-ZRRS

Mertik Maxitrol G30-ZRRS Repair

No communication between 2 halves

RIVA 67 8590LSC

RIVA 67 8590LSC Repair

The ON and SET and HEIGHT OF FLAME buttons work reasonably well but we sometimes experience trouble turning the fire OFF.

Gazco / Mertik Maxitrol G30-ZRRS / G30ZRHSO

Gazco / Mertik Maxitrol G30-ZRRS / G30ZRHSO Repair

The remote seems to work as the light comes on but the receiver light doesn't come on and the motor doesn't turn

Brilliant Fire

Brilliant Fire Repair

Intermittent button problems. Most times the on/off doesn't work, have to press really hard to use the up and down, sometimes they also do not work.

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