Recent Repair Jobs

Panasonic RAK-RX3005W

Panasonic RAK-RX3005W Repair

Just doesn't work!

Sony RM-SSD1

Sony RM-SSD1 Repair

Remote stopped working


Faber Repair

Remote is not working and No response is recieved on the control unit. The control unit has power as the LED comes on. Have changed batteries on remote.

PowrX PVB600

PowrX PVB600 Repair

Hi, not used vibration plate in over a year, forgot there were batteries in the remote, they leaked, when i tried removing them the tray broke in two, so now i cant use the machine at all. ARRRRRGH!!

Please help, i need a hero!
Vikki x


Triton Repair

all buttons don't seem to be working

Musical Fidelity X-P100

Musical Fidelity X-P100 Repair

Buttons generally sluggish or sometimes not operating at all. Volume control especially bad, often won't respond.

Naim Audio NAC52 hifi preamp

Naim Audio NAC52 hifi preamp Repair

Weak output (using the mobile phone trick) causing problems in use.

Linn Audio Kairn hifi preamp.

Linn Audio Kairn hifi preamp. Repair

The remote control has no output from any button (using the mobile phone trick).

Mertik Maxitrol G30-ZRHD

Mertik Maxitrol G30-ZRHD Repair

There is only one button working (to shut down the fire), sometimes the red light is coming up but goes out when I try to fire up. I send you the remote and the receiver because I don’t know sure where the problem is.

KS Chorus

KS Chorus Repair

Cannot control the volume



Remote has suddenly stopped turning the fire up or down. I put new batteries into the receiver & changed battery in handset no improvement. Handset lights up OK - but receiver light only flickered for 1 second when replacing last the of the 4 batteries.


Verine Repair

not all buttons working, both bottom buttons never, top right occasionally and top left seems ok. also battery terminal broken off

mertik maxitrol b6r-h8tl3b

mertik maxitrol b6r-h8tl3b Repair

j'ai laissé tomber la télécommande et depuis lors plus rien n'apparait sur l'écran les piles on été changé mais plus aucun signal


SIT Repair

some buttons no longer work (button press no light on non working

copreci mb22600 mb22600

copreci mb22600 mb22600 Repair

Remote control is okay. tested with pushing button using antenna fm radio transistor.Noise is changing when i push on the button.

The problem is the RF receiver. Diode led light is not blinking by using remote control. In the past without touching the remote control the flame from fireplace is spontaneous burning. To brake down the flame is just possible by taking out the AC to DC adapter.

Question can you fix the RF module from receiver????

vibraform 00 103 3456

vibraform 00 103 3456 Repair

uses up a battery very quickly cound be a shoft cicuit in unit


Jacuzzi Repair

Not working at all with the bath, although there is some 'life' in the screen when you press the On/Off button.

Gliderol  GTX M27 MPT 1346

Gliderol GTX M27 MPT 1346 Repair

I suspect this remote went through a washing cycle because we found it in the washer drum minus the hook and string. The led lights up sometimes if you move the battery about between the terminals, and there is a metal part loose inside.


Burley Repair

It’s chrome looking control with a single button. The light is very dim when you press the button. The fire works with the manual buttons on the fire. However my disabled wife cannot use those buttons

Again faster  Wall Timer

Again faster Wall Timer Repair

The remote won’t work but the clock is still working

Mertik maxitrol  G-30 2rrs

Mertik maxitrol G-30 2rrs Repair

Remote not responding to receiver

Mertik maxitrol

Mertik maxitrol Repair

Not lighting fire and screen is damaged

faber G30-zrht

faber G30-zrht Repair

The bottom button has collapsed and not functional. All other buttons and display are fine. If possible if you can check if all electronics are working correctly internally while repairing.

Air Con ID8

Air Con ID8 Repair

Red light stays on when any button is pressed

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