Recent Repair Jobs

purpleline Enduro

purpleline Enduro Repair

red light does not come , does not operate motor mover

seceuroglide KF04-433RC

seceuroglide KF04-433RC Repair

just not working - loose circuit?

gazco p8308mc4c

gazco p8308mc4c Repair

the black wire to the battery connector is broken in the remote


Sit Repair

Works only intermittently

Auriel  TX-12CH

Auriel TX-12CH Repair

does not work anymore has been inside a pocket of a Jeans in the washing machine hans been dried shortly after Shows signs of corrosion- no mechanical defects

Gazco Mertik Maxitrol G30

Gazco Mertik Maxitrol G30 Repair

The remote control isn't working. I have changed batteries in both transmitter and receiver. I suspect that the fault is with the transmitter because the red LED doesn't come on as it used to

mertik maxitrol g30 zrrs

mertik maxitrol g30 zrrs Repair

Receiver unit hasn't been used for 2 years and the batteries have leaked, appear to have caused the unit to stop responding with new batteries inserted.

Hulsta bed remote

Hulsta bed remote Repair

You recently checked as OK the remote to this bed and it was in good working order. However it may be that the unit the remote connects with is not working. Could you please check this out. I will be sending both the remote and control unit. This bed is important and it is used by my disabled daughter and it helps her a lot. |Thank you


Enduro Repair

No led or power despite changing the battery


RCS-01C Repair

Power-on/off switch not working

Carver M606846

Carver M606846 Repair

Difficulty conecting with caravan, battety terminal in remote is crusty.


Minisun Repair

The remote will not switch the heater on anymore, its also attached to the wall,so its easier to use the remore, and they cant use it for lighting functions, as they can only be operated by the remote.


MAHA RECO 1 Repair

No output on all buttons from the remote

Triton Body Drier TRITO-83309640

Triton Body Drier TRITO-83309640 Repair

One side of the remote works - one side doesnt


sun Repair


Fireplace RCS01C

Fireplace RCS01C Repair

Despite new batteries, the remote will not operate to turn the fire on

Mertik Maxitrol  G30-ZRHSO-Z26

Mertik Maxitrol G30-ZRHSO-Z26 Repair

Signal failure in one or both units. Handset LED lights as expected, receiver LED does not.

Canton DM55

Canton DM55 Repair

No buttons working.

Merton Maxitrol G30ZRRS

Merton Maxitrol G30ZRRS Repair

Not working


KEYTON Sensor FT Repair

Remote switches on and all functions show on display but do not connect to chair ? or operate any chair functions displayed on remote
Chair operates normally wit on seat controls

Mertik Maxitrol-Faber G30 -ZRHS

Mertik Maxitrol-Faber G30 -ZRHS Repair

Cannot turn fire on with the remote but can turn it down and off

gliderol 27Mhz

gliderol 27Mhz Repair

Intermittent working even when red light flashes


SIT Repair

Four button remote. All four buttons can be intermittent. The on/off button is virtually not funtioning

Mertik  G30zrrs

Mertik G30zrrs Repair

Red light on handset lights up nothing on reciever

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