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Quattro enduro

Quattro enduro Repair

The button at the bottom nearest the name is for reversing and only works intermittently. You have to roll your thumb around the button to get a contact and even then it very temperamental. some of the other offset arrows are some times a little slow to react. The only really positive button is the one at the top for going forward. The on/off button works fine as well.

Mertik Maxitrol G30ZRR3

Mertik Maxitrol G30ZRR3 Repair

Up button not working.


Swissflex Repair

As Job Timeline (Ref 1836-2155) Wiring shreded In addition the green wire ist cut off


DUNGS MO-IRT-1-1 Repair


Legend fires

Legend fires Repair

They wire attatched to the battery pad has come away.

Triton Body Dryer

Triton Body Dryer Repair

This remote control can switch the dryer on but you will see that the facia is absent from the heater control buttons. I used to be able to get the heater to work but with time the 'up/down' buttons on the left side of the remote stopped functioning so when the drier goes on it only blows cold air. The element to produce warm air is still working but I need the remote to change the settings

Grohe Part no. 45441(mc)

Grohe Part no. 45441(mc) Repair

Remote is not functioning. Screen is dead and buttons do not control the shower. The alternate controller is still working and the shower itself works.

Mertik maxitrol B-82350

Mertik maxitrol B-82350 Repair

The remote control appears to be working as the red light flashes when buttons pressed. The receiver appears to be faulty and it appears the previous batteries have leaked. No red light flashes when new batteries were inserted.


SWISSFLEX (VIBRADORM Gmbh) E4554 SF 575-98 Repair

Wiring Shreded to replace with straight cable

Gazco Riva 53

Gazco Riva 53 Repair

? stopped working - changed battery still no good

mertik maxitrol g30-zrhso-z26

mertik maxitrol g30-zrhso-z26 Repair

will not control fire since being droped

Cardale Force 50 Part No 2/016.001

Cardale Force 50 Part No 2/016.001 Repair

Have done the obvious and changed the battery(!) but cannot get to work or the little light on the remote to come or for the garage door to open The button on the main motor of the garage door still works and opens the door so it would appear to be a fault with the remote Have tried to buy a replacement but the item was apparently delisted some years ago

Q Acoustics

Q Acoustics Repair

The faulty column buttons


Verine Repair

The stud on the bit that connected to the battery broke off, my son bodged it which actually worked until the buttons stopped working. The battery cover is held with tape but I can live with that.

Crypton Brake Tester

Crypton Brake Tester Repair

all was working perfectly since the last repair (December 2017) garage closed for xmas and have come back and its stopped working tried replacing the battery as when opened the little led is constantly flashing this didn't work left batteries out overnight and it works for 30 seconds then led starts flashing again

Velux 3LR A01 WW Type 833212 25AX06KA

Velux 3LR A01 WW Type 833212 25AX06KA Repair

Part of LCD. Can't connect with window. I've manually tested the window and it seems OK.

Mertik Maxitrol

Mertik Maxitrol Repair

The down button isn't recognised on the receiver.

Mertik Maxitrol 030-ZRHS 9V DC

Mertik Maxitrol 030-ZRHS 9V DC Repair

The Remote does not respond, the red light is working both buttons seem to work.

Reich 527 0521

Reich 527 0521 Repair

not been used for 12 months , tried new batteries , but will not switch on with double tap on red button

Bose RC35T-L

Bose RC35T-L Repair

Nothing seems to be working. Ive replaced the batteries but it hasn't made a difference.

RYD199-H0071012 YKTXD-0001

RYD199-H0071012 YKTXD-0001 Repair

Not working. Terminals appear corroded

Sony RM-AAU035

Sony RM-AAU035 Repair

Doesn't do much. Will turn speaker system on if held very close to receiving unit. Have a generic replacemnt that does work from a distance but does not have the sound effects button.

PDT KF04-433RC

PDT KF04-433RC Repair

None of the buttons light up when pressed. I have tried new batteries.


Hofmann Repair

No buttons working or the LED

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