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Domestic Heki

Domestic Heki Repair

Corroded battery terminals

Yamaha RAV211 (V429770 EU)

Yamaha RAV211 (V429770 EU) Repair

No buttons work, the remote was dropped then stopped working. Also the battery flap retention clip is slightly damaged so if that could be fixed it would be great but I'm happy to use tape to keep it closed. The main thing is the functionality of the remote. Thanks :-)


Xpelair Repair

Our engineer can't get the remote to send a signal to the a/c system. We have tried new batteries

Flavel Fires RCS-01C

Flavel Fires RCS-01C Repair

Unit does not work. No buttons seem to function

Truma SE

Truma SE Repair

saturday evening the remote stopped to function. Tried to change batteries, but no success. Nothing seems to be broken

purple line

purple line Repair

power going to board but wen you press red button twice nothing happens no red light comes on


ONKYO RC-690M Repair


Gazco G30

Gazco G30 Repair

Buttons all work ok Transmitter only works at very short distances from receiver (less than 5cm)- probably transmitter transducer failure

enduro EM4444

enduro EM4444 Repair

It started the mover then failed to work. Having changed the batteries the ON button does not work though the green light flashes when putting in the batteries.


Tecalemit Repair

Does not operate brake tester

Garage Door PDT KF04-433RC

Garage Door PDT KF04-433RC Repair

Just stopped working - thought it was the battery but new battery didn't help. Suspect it possibly went through the wash in a pocket.

Powakaddy  robokaddy

Powakaddy robokaddy Repair

Hand remote control not working

Yamaha RAV 253      WE 5860 EU

Yamaha RAV 253 WE 5860 EU Repair

Power Button stand by Not functioning volume ? hit and miss

Truma SE

Truma SE Repair

the on/off switch rather troublesome to get the remote to work. Also battery compartment springs not looking right.


Adjustamatic Repair

The remotes do not work at all. We suspect that the wires attaching to the remote from the cable have come out due to the remotes constantly being left to hang and the cable at the base of the remotes after taking the weight of the remotes, has become loose. We do have two other remotes which are working but the cable is coming off at the base. Hoping you can fix without reprogramming. The remotes are roughly 12 years old.

Pdt Kf04-433rc

Pdt Kf04-433rc Repair

The four black sensor pads are worn and can just about be activated by taking it apart and pressing them but they do not work by pressing the outside casing buttons, green, red, green and grey

E-Go Quattro ego

E-Go Quattro ego Repair

Will not switch on


Triton Repair

All buttons worn

Dewert 34.826

Dewert 34.826 Repair

All the buttons on the bottom of the bottom of handset. The bed is unable to be made to lie flat.

Mertik Maxitrol G30-ZRHS

Mertik Maxitrol G30-ZRHS Repair

I dropped it on the floor and it has not worked since. I replaced all the batteries, remote and attached to the gas valve) and tried it again yesterday. The red light on the remote came on but it did not communicate with the valve controller and the flame size did not change.

triton bodydryer pad

triton bodydryer pad Repair

buttons missing possible water damage

Aura Landscape Legendfires

Aura Landscape Legendfires Repair

Top left button not working. Bottom right button not working.

Top right button working intermittently. Bottom left button working intermittently.

Note: Two left buttons must be pressed simultaneously to ignite fire.

Mertik Maxitrol G30 ZR

Mertik Maxitrol G30 ZR Repair

job ref:3795-4419
Remote tested by you and not found to be faulty. Now sending gas fire unit. Fire can be turned up but not down.

61 comm anba

61 comm anba Repair

led bulb missing and not working

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