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SIT Repair

some buttons no longer work (button press no light on non working

copreci mb22600 mb22600

copreci mb22600 mb22600 Repair

Remote control is okay. tested with pushing button using antenna fm radio transistor.Noise is changing when i push on the button.

The problem is the RF receiver. Diode led light is not blinking by using remote control. In the past without touching the remote control the flame from fireplace is spontaneous burning. To brake down the flame is just possible by taking out the AC to DC adapter.

Question can you fix the RF module from receiver????

vibraform 00 103 3456

vibraform 00 103 3456 Repair

uses up a battery very quickly cound be a shoft cicuit in unit


Jacuzzi Repair

Not working at all with the bath, although there is some 'life' in the screen when you press the On/Off button.

Gliderol  GTX M27 MPT 1346

Gliderol GTX M27 MPT 1346 Repair

I suspect this remote went through a washing cycle because we found it in the washer drum minus the hook and string. The led lights up sometimes if you move the battery about between the terminals, and there is a metal part loose inside.


Burley Repair

It’s chrome looking control with a single button. The light is very dim when you press the button. The fire works with the manual buttons on the fire. However my disabled wife cannot use those buttons

Again faster  Wall Timer

Again faster Wall Timer Repair

The remote won’t work but the clock is still working

Mertik maxitrol  G-30 2rrs

Mertik maxitrol G-30 2rrs Repair

Remote not responding to receiver

Mertik maxitrol

Mertik maxitrol Repair

Not lighting fire and screen is damaged

faber G30-zrht

faber G30-zrht Repair

The bottom button has collapsed and not functional. All other buttons and display are fine. If possible if you can check if all electronics are working correctly internally while repairing.

Air Con ID8

Air Con ID8 Repair

Red light stays on when any button is pressed

Hulsta Furniture Rumat

Hulsta Furniture Rumat Repair

There are independent remotes for either side of the bed. I have swapped them over and both sides of the bed work with one of the remotes. The remote enclosed has an intermittent fault with all buttons. Example - Red 'up' button raises but 'down' button does not lower.

Mertik Maxitrol GR6-H4S

Mertik Maxitrol GR6-H4S Repair

Black cable has come away from the black tab which attaches to the head of the battery.

Batteries do not last very long, but not entirely sure that this is handset issue?


Burley Repair
This is exactly my remote and the problem

Glow worm  Climapro2

Glow worm Climapro2 Repair

I dropped the remote and it isn't showing a display. When I press the menu button only the back light comes on with a bit of purple and yellow colouring in the left corner, the screen isn't broken.


Burley Repair

Two buttons for switching fire off and on

Wurlitzer One More Time - 100 CD with F91 Amp

Wurlitzer One More Time - 100 CD with F91 Amp Repair

Remote generally doesn't work.

mertik maxitrol G30 ZZRS

mertik maxitrol G30 ZZRS Repair

new batteries in but no red light when remote used on it the remote is working

 PDT KF04-433RC

PDT KF04-433RC Repair

None of the buttons are working Spoke to somebody about it on sunday



Handset works O.K. but red light not flashing on receiver

Verine Gas Fire

Verine Gas Fire Repair

Battery connector had somehow become unwired. Tried to resolder and made a hash of it. Very odd seemed to work when solder was molten but not when it had set. Now can’t even get it to work by holding stripped wires to battery terminals


LG E7 Repair

The scrolling ball in the centre of the remote was pushed in too hard and won't retract back out.

Pic of remote

Willowbrook Vibradorm

Willowbrook Vibradorm Repair

All the buttons work when being used but when left for a while will trip the safety button on power unit. When the button is reset the red light on the hand unit immediately illuminates, this does not happen on other handset, the light only illuminates when a button is pressed on the good handset. Have transposed handsets to prove fault! There is damage to the cable. After use the red light slowly dims and if used again will trip straight away.

Samsung 1TKN300176K

Samsung 1TKN300176K Repair

Remote on/off has sstopped working maybe other buttons as wellbut all was OK until on/off failed.

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