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Telstyreisen ALR 9446

Telstyreisen ALR 9446 Repair

Case is damaged and as a result it works intermittently depending how hard you squeeze the case together, which has been held together by duck tape for a while now. I recently had to replace the battery which resulted in needing to open the case. Would really like to have the case replaced. As far as I'm aware there is nothing else wrong with the unit.


Marantec Repair

Battery compartment broken and . Battery will not stay in contact with connectors. Back cover missing. I have photo if you would like me to upload

Audio Pro 20121222

Audio Pro 20121222 Repair

does not work from a distance, has to be right up to censer on speaker.

firmadoor GDO-4

firmadoor GDO-4 Repair

remote will not power garage door red sensor does not light up anymore previously very unpredictable somtime would work after several attempts

Riviera  UR203

Riviera UR203 Repair

Keeps cutting out and bleeping when trying to move the caravan.

Celebrity 5 pin dual Motor

Celebrity 5 pin dual Motor Repair

remote control is unresponsive the motor has been tested an has been found to be ok.

Hulsta 1.10-202 300J09R

Hulsta 1.10-202 300J09R Repair

All buttons need to be checked as some do not work correctly or not at all.


Verine Repair

The start up Buttons do not work

PSE RC03B  P1345A  03Y265060  151519

PSE RC03B P1345A 03Y265060 151519 Repair


Vibradorm Vrt/6-2- nl-uk

Vibradorm Vrt/6-2- nl-uk Repair

Buttons aren't talking to the main box

Hitachi RC5117

Hitachi RC5117 Repair

Not sure just stopped working .changed batteties still not working.

Bose RCV1T-40

Bose RCV1T-40 Repair

No remote function.

Vibradorm Bed

Vibradorm Bed Repair

Head and foot adjustment made by buttons on remote control. All UP controls OK, but Down control buttons have poor contact and have to be "waggled" to make them work. Red light shows when contact is made and bed adjusts as required. No problems with vibrators. I do not use them.

Vibredorm. Gmbh 2040046204

Vibredorm. Gmbh 2040046204 Repair

Does not connect to bed red light works on remote but does not connect to move bed

Art HCF1 6552020002  49/05

Art HCF1 6552020002 49/05 Repair

will not open the sofa recliner. bottom on the left side

Mertik Maxitrol G30 ZRRS (receiver)  G30 ZRHSO (remote control)

Mertik Maxitrol G30 ZRRS (receiver) G30 ZRHSO (remote control) Repair

Using the two buttons to increase gas flow works perfectly, but the button to decrease gas flow often also increases the gas flow. It does eventually decrease the flow of gas after frequent attempts. I've noticed that the red light on the receiver does not always respond when the decrease gas flow button is pressed.

Brilliant Ledge, Trade Name 116

Brilliant Ledge, Trade Name 116 Repair

Right hand side lower button not working, Left hand side lower button temperamental

Mertik Maxitrol G30

Mertik Maxitrol G30 Repair

Remote LED indicates the remote is sending a signal and the LED on the receiver briefly lights up indicating it is receiving the signal but the signal isn't maintained long enough or isn't strong enough to turn the fire on/off or up/down.

Naim Unitiqute

Naim Unitiqute Repair

Remote was dropped and now not working - on inspection it looks like battery connector on circuit board has broken,but I could be wrong!

Brilliant  gas fire

Brilliant gas fire Repair

Inside the remote control, there is a bog standard replaceable battery that provides power to the remote control. The battery is connected to the remote control by two wires, a Red wire and a Black wire. The black wire has become detached. I believe this has resulted in the remote control no longer working as the fire works fine when switched on manually.

Copreci MMB22600

Copreci MMB22600 Repair

No contact or signal detected by the gas valve. Gas valve receiver has been checked by professional and seems OK. Professional told me he has 3 absolutely similar cases in this last year.

Helex G30-ZRRTT

Helex G30-ZRRTT Repair

Reacts only at a small distance, and only down. Not the correct voltage at the output. Please test it for long distance with a closed door of the fireplace.

Verine Fire

Verine Fire Repair

the black wire has become disconnected from the battery terminal plus the two left hand buttons do not work properly - they have to be pressed very hard to make them work.

Vibradorm Willowbrook

Vibradorm Willowbrook Repair

Red light comes on OK lifts both top and bottom ,will not lower bottom half of bed.Nothing wrong with bed motor for second controller works each side of bed.So its this controller at fault.

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