Recent Repair Jobs

Sarson Waterproof

Sarson Waterproof Repair

The remote has stopped working. I’ve changed the battery with no success and I’ve tried to do the fix from YouTube but again with no success.

Mertik Maxitrol

Mertik Maxitrol Repair

Signal to receiver only works when remote right up to receiver





Powakaddy Repair

All buttons except the power button stopped working at the same time and then a day or so latter the power button also stopped working, So no life in the remote at all now

Riviera ease move Ur 203

Riviera ease move Ur 203 Repair

Reverse button


Quattro Repair

I left the batteries in over last winter, which consequently corroded. I managed to get it working by cleaning the contacts, but it soon gave in when moving the van.

Hofmann 131-1

Hofmann 131-1 Repair

no buttons

valor electric fire 5121963

valor electric fire 5121963 Repair

the remote control was dropped on the floor and stopped working

Challenge Af10000e

Challenge Af10000e Repair

The speed button is working but none of the others was all working the stopped

IGLU Waterproof TV

IGLU Waterproof TV Repair

Not responding got left face down in soap suds

Gazco MMB22600

Gazco MMB22600 Repair

The remote control does not communicate with the fire. All batteries have been replaced in the fire and handset. The handset displays all the temperatures etc, and I have reprogrammed the handset. but with no success. THere is a "red light" within the handset that does not come on.

ATC Acoustic Engineers -SCAR-B P1 amp and CA2 preamp

ATC Acoustic Engineers -SCAR-B P1 amp and CA2 preamp Repair

With fresh batteries in correctly inserted the equipment does not respond to the handset at all. I have a spare identical handset that does work. Are you able to get this working?

Maplin 03127RM

Maplin 03127RM Repair

No buttons work

enduro quattro

enduro quattro Repair

remote sometimes work, mostly doesnt power on, have to fiddle with batteries


Reich Repair

The fifth button counting from top, left to right,, is not working and on off button intermittent.

PDT KF04-433RC  shutter

PDT KF04-433RC shutter Repair

Remote got wet and is just constantly lit until the batteries die but buttons don’t work/function

Sit Newman hole in the wall fire

Sit Newman hole in the wall fire Repair

All buttons not working constantly Battery pad connection broke. Battery cover broke.

mertik maxitrol G30-ZRRS

mertik maxitrol G30-ZRRS Repair

The receptor (G30-ZRRS) is often not responding to the remote control(G30-ZRHS). I believe only the receptor is faulty, but I'll send the 2 devices The batteries are OK.

Gazco  E-box

Gazco E-box Repair

The remote has stopped working. It does not show a light when I press any of the four buttons (stop/start, standby, high flame, low flame)

Land Rover  Yuh500060

Land Rover Yuh500060 Repair

Batteries left in corrosion on terminals not working

Hulsta 1.10-202 300J09R

Hulsta 1.10-202 300J09R Repair

All buttons need to be checked as some do not work correctly or not at all possibly due to loose internal wiring.

Pioneer AXD7616

Pioneer AXD7616 Repair

Numerous buttons inoperative , including volume increase decease, Tv control standby , home menu , central circular control buttons, arrows & select.

Royal Titan Um203

Royal Titan Um203 Repair

Been drop won't work

Powakaddy  Robbokaddy

Powakaddy Robbokaddy Repair

Only one stop button sets of the remote indicator light in the middle of the handset

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