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Samsung BN59-01198Q

Samsung BN59-01198Q Repair

The remote is relatively new (about 18 months or so) and my son dropped it into a hard floor. All the functions still work but something inside is now rattling.

riviera ur203

riviera ur203 Repair

no power on hand set

firmadoor n1854

firmadoor n1854 Repair

no lights on remote , absolutely no responce at all .


Denton Repair

Standby button not working, can't switch soundbase on

Kenwood RC-V8500L

Kenwood RC-V8500L Repair

Remote hasn't been used for a while and when I put batteries in it is working intermittently

Truma  M123899

Truma M123899 Repair

Only picks up controller when placed directly ON unit , move 4 inches away and no movement from actual caravan mover.

Waterproof LCD Hengyong

Waterproof LCD Hengyong Repair

Can get tv to turn on with power button. But none of other buttons work. Its been in the bath, as they are supposed to be waterproof. Was working ok before that

Riviera Ur203

Riviera Ur203 Repair

Works intermittent

Truma Te

Truma Te Repair

Insdide of remote has fallen out

Marantz RC010SR

Marantz RC010SR Repair

Volume buttons NF

Carver singLE axle

Carver singLE axle Repair

remote doesn't switch on all the time when it does it only stays on for a short time I have replaced the batteries for new ones?

when it is on it works great just can't get it to switch on or stay on when I do

when you get it switched on when you press another button it cuts out as well

I have only two screws in the back I don't know if this has anything to do with the problem

Hofmann 131

Hofmann 131 Repair

No respond

Waterproof tv

Waterproof tv Repair

Power button,display button

Powrwheel PT80

Powrwheel PT80 Repair

Unable to transmit to ECU. Unable to reset handshake to work. Remote does work with umbilical cord and has been tested with another ECU with same results.

All lights on remote light.

I did insert a new battery, made no difference

Nu-Flame / mertik maxitrol G6R- HISO

Nu-Flame / mertik maxitrol G6R- HISO Repair

Unit does not switch on


Quattro Repair

Will not pair up to remote box. The remote green light comes on for about 10 second then it starts flashing

Rollertec PDT KF04-433RC

Rollertec PDT KF04-433RC Repair

Remote will open the door but not close. No LED indication when trying to close either.

Celebrity Dorchester

Celebrity Dorchester Repair

All of a sudden packed up. Worked a few times when tapped. If you could look at as soon as possible please, as my husband has nowhere to sit, it is stuck slightly raised. Thank you.

Mertik maxitrol G30-ZRHTT

Mertik maxitrol G30-ZRHTT Repair

Water spilled on circuit

Valor 846

Valor 846 Repair

Not working at all

Sony RM-SD9

Sony RM-SD9 Repair

battery compartment got wet and has corroded a bit

PDT KF04-433RC

PDT KF04-433RC Repair


Carver m606846

Carver m606846 Repair



Vibradorm Repair

battery terminal broke

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