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Glowworm Climapro2

Glowworm Climapro2 Repair

Unable to power up controller - possible issue with battery compartment (possibly the springs) - have been able to get power previously when fiddling with batteries - has been temperamental for last 6 months or so - was even a struggle to put back on controller and keep batteries in place - now unable to get controller powered up at all - when powered up all buttons work correctly and no other issues.

Royal Titan Um205

Royal Titan Um205 Repair

Certain buttons not working 3 lert hand buttons dont work ill label it

Truma Mover SE

Truma Mover SE Repair

I dropped the remoter control, it was then difficult to switch on, when I managed to move the On/Off slider, it did not switch on, the batteries are only 2 weeks old


SUN RC02A Repair


tempur system 2000

tempur system 2000 Repair

bed has stuck in upright position, changed batteries on bed to no avail

Reich 527-0520

Reich 527-0520 Repair

Even with brand new battery the control will not switch on so it does not operate the mover. It switched on inconsistently for a while, then stopped altogether.


powrtouch Repair

ribbon is snapped behind plastic front cover so green lights dont come on

faber silence b11

faber silence b11 Repair

receiver turns gas fie up but not down. Also intermittent signal DSD226 DSD226 Repair

Some buttons work but 1,5 & 8 don't

vibradorm  00.103.240

vibradorm 00.103.240 Repair

It just stopped working, I changed the battery and it still won't work, none of the buttons are stuck.

Column Fan

Column Fan Repair

Have tried new batteries but not working. For a column fan bought at Homebase but no actual manufacturer shown

Hofman Brekon 131

Hofman Brekon 131 Repair

Just stopped working

SUN SBA2000/2080

SUN SBA2000/2080 Repair



Truma Repair

Doesn’t light up even with new batteries.


Grohe Repair

Remote not working probably because of corrosion in electrical components. Other remote and shower still working, so this remote is faulty


Vibradorm Repair

Battery connection broken through erosion

Bose RC-9

Bose RC-9 Repair

Its frequently unresponsive and particularly the ones we use which are the off, aux, cd, volumes up and down.

purpleline enduro

purpleline enduro Repair

I have tried everything in the manual to to get the remote to work with no joy. The remote has life in it because when you put the last of the 3 batteries in the light next to the on/off switch flashes twice

Enduro Em1032

Enduro Em1032 Repair

Stopped working no life tried new battery no joy so trying you

Keyton sensor MMS

Keyton sensor MMS Repair

Remote not working the electric chair properly. Its intermitent. Sometimes works. Tried batteries


Quattro Repair

Will not activate when pressing power control button.small led not coming on either.

Wurlitzer 0059745

Wurlitzer 0059745 Repair

Unit does NOT adjust volume, cant put in CD choices, does not Mute or Cancel selections.

Enduro Purpleline

Enduro Purpleline Repair

Exactly as one of your videos most of the buttons work perfectly, one works intermittently and another doesn't work at all.

The batteries are good on both the caravan and the remote itself.

I've marked the offending buttons for you.


Ruwido Repair

Remote is in pieces, battery terminals need soldering back in place.

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