Recent Repair Jobs

mertik maxitrol g6r-r4an

mertik maxitrol g6r-r4an Repair

not lighting gas fire possible battery leakage

Denon RC 1117 (1146)

Denon RC 1117 (1146) Repair

I dropped the remote control. The on button is not working on the front nor the other "Main on" button inside the back flap. I cannot therefore switch on the receiver with the remote. When the receiver is on, none of the remote buttons work, for example the volume, input change on the front and sound dynamics ones inside the back flap.

Velux 833212

Velux 833212 Repair

Completely dead

Enduro EM103

Enduro EM103 Repair

The red button / light has ceased to work. The handset has ceased to communicate with the electronic control unit.

Concern for Comfort

Concern for Comfort Repair

Up button difficult to work. Contacts for battery loose.


Fireplace Repair

Batteries have corroded

Gazco  MMB22600

Gazco MMB22600 Repair

Does not control the fire at all


Veba Repair

sometimes works for a while then stops. I put in a couple of new batteries but always the same.

Velux 22AS06KA

Velux 22AS06KA Repair

Doesn't work at all, nothing on screen




Velux 3LR A01 WW (KLR 100)

Velux 3LR A01 WW (KLR 100) Repair

Appears to have a back light but no LCD display characters

Hotel Safe Deposit Box

Hotel Safe Deposit Box Repair

broken, battery compartment out and also some bits loose

Mertik Maxitrol G30-ZRHSO-Z26

Mertik Maxitrol G30-ZRHSO-Z26 Repair

The LED lights up but no response from the fire. I have a second remote control (I have two fires which are the same model and the identical remote control) which does make the fire work.


Shower Repair

It does not turn on even when I have changed the batteries. So I cannot use the shower.

Powrtouch To0 509. 247

Powrtouch To0 509. 247 Repair

Will not fire up,,possible power up buttons

Quattro 923AW21551

Quattro 923AW21551 Repair

Does not turn on.


BOSE RCV1T-40 Repair

The Remote Control doesn't work; no button seems to have effects

LG magic

LG magic Repair

Motion and the ok/rolling button don’t seem to work.


Ultraframe Repair

This controller is only used to open and close the roof vents in a conservatory. The controller cover is cracked and damaged around the 2 buttons, originally the vents kept opening only, but now the unit will only operate if you manipulate the PCB/battery, but the vents will now open and close.

grohe 45441 (mc)

grohe 45441 (mc) Repair

It come on ad hoc at any time and it does not regulate the temperature.

Royal UM303

Royal UM303 Repair

Only switches on if I wiggle the battery wire seems like a bad connection

Cyrus commander 049cr

Cyrus commander 049cr Repair

Some buttons worked, namely power, volume buttons, store and function selector keys. Other buttons would work intermittently. NOW all buttons are inoperative.

Teleco Automation for SGG TVPRP868C10SE Series TVLink RS868

Teleco Automation for SGG TVPRP868C10SE Series TVLink RS868 Repair

I dropped the keys to which this was attached and now it doesn't work at all. The left button should open and close the garage door.

Concern for Comfort

Concern for Comfort Repair

No 1 button stopped working first then it packed up completely. I changed the battery but it made no difference. I am very keen to have this repaired.

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