Recent Repair Jobs

Truma  mover se

Truma mover se Repair

The remote was dropped,something rattles inside,has now stopped working.

Firstline RCH-2302NA

Firstline RCH-2302NA Repair

Possible Connection fault unsure if anything else faulty

Gazco Mertic Maxitrol G30 ZRRS

Gazco Mertic Maxitrol G30 ZRRS Repair

Remote will increase gas flow but not reduce and extinguish it.

Yamaha RAV 363 (WH2544O EX)

Yamaha RAV 363 (WH2544O EX) Repair

No power at all. Not aware of any liquid spills.


MA AGE Repair

The remote is not working


Henderson Repair

light stays on at low level permanently. Which of course flattens the battery.

Denon RC-871

Denon RC-871 Repair

No screen display or backlight and the fixed, non touch screen, buttons do nothing either. Case has been opened as was hoping to find dead internal battery cell, for memory function for example.

Maha  Reco 1

Maha Reco 1 Repair

when changing the battery the battery holder came off one side, tried to solder but we could only guess where it had to go so post soldering it will still not work

Verine Fireplace

Verine Fireplace Repair

It doesn’t work!

Velux 3LR A01 WW type 833212

Velux 3LR A01 WW type 833212 Repair

No power at all. Screen completely blank after inserting new batteries

waterproof LCD TV

waterproof LCD TV Repair

Function keys are not working

Truma Motor mover SE.  M2

Truma Motor mover SE. M2 Repair

When engaging/disengaging mover onto wheels, only works intermittently. Rotates the wheels no problem. Problem appears to be the buttons which activate engage/disengage.

Seip Antriebstechnik B43A023004

Seip Antriebstechnik B43A023004 Repair

Metal breaks off from motherboard that connects to the battery to operate. It require soldering/welding.

IGLU Bathroom TV

IGLU Bathroom TV Repair

Most of buttons do not work I discussed this with Martin Smith on the phone last week

Riviera  UR203

Riviera UR203 Repair

The on/off switch only works intermittently, I have tried a new battery but their is no difference

Vibradorm VIF/CD6

Vibradorm VIF/CD6 Repair

Battery contact broken off

Bose  RCV1T-40

Bose RCV1T-40 Repair

Volume Packed up but think there maybe another one not working ie the channel change button I have replaced the Batteries thinking it was them but soon realized it must be the Remote itself

Carver AR2-1 M606929

Carver AR2-1 M606929 Repair

Difficult for handset to turn on. Sometimes have to click over 10 times to turn on (double click red button for on). Very temperamental.

RDS Bale Wrapper

RDS Bale Wrapper Repair

Red light doesnt work, dead

CROWN RC4870/30085964

CROWN RC4870/30085964 Repair

Nothing works on this control it has just stopped working. The TV is working because I could change channels on the back of the TV. I tried 3 sets of batteries but this remote still wouldn't wotk. A friend lent me a different control which was the same & TV worked fine.

Mertik maxitrol G30-zrrs 6v---g30-arson 9v

Mertik maxitrol G30-zrrs 6v---g30-arson 9v Repair

No response to receiver unit with remote control



Not working,cleaned all buttons,put silver foil and bare electric paint on buttons,no result,got power to circuit board.

Wurlitzer SMD 41-0150

Wurlitzer SMD 41-0150 Repair

Intermittent fault with volume high and low button, also the button to the right of number 3 which is used for random play,also the cancel button, these are really the only buttons used .

E-go Endura 34 pcb

E-go Endura 34 pcb Repair

Main power

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