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Mertik Maxitrol Q30-ZRRS

Mertik Maxitrol Q30-ZRRS Repair

Battery compartment corroded and red (recejver) Led keeps burning (when connected with an external powersupply)

Bose Rcv1t-40

Bose Rcv1t-40 Repair

Remote not connecting

Bose RC28T1-27

Bose RC28T1-27 Repair

Was working intermittently, although now it seems to be fully broken. Something rattles when its shaken so may have been dropped. Done some research and seems a common problem with this remote.


GAZCO GC 0131 Repair


Hulsta Bed

Hulsta Bed Repair

Buttons stick and the bed head keeps rising

Mertik Maxitrol G30 ZRHS

Mertik Maxitrol G30 ZRHS Repair

The remote control does not operate, batteries in both handset and receiver replaced. The receiver has been replaced with a new unit, but to no effect. If I hold the handset in direct contact with the receiver , then the fire does operate in both "up and down" mode ie the motor operated valve system is working correctly but power output of handset is virtually nil.

Yamaha WJ55360

Yamaha WJ55360 Repair

Seemingly no ir signal being transmitted. The remote appears 'dead', despite new batteries being installed and the inside cleaned carefully with alcohol as per suggestions for home repair.

Portway  Gas Fire

Portway Gas Fire Repair

all four buttons,standby and low flame

Mertik maxitrol G6R-H and GV60

Mertik maxitrol G6R-H and GV60 Repair

The distance between the handset and the receiver (control system) is normally about 4 meters, last autumn and winter there was no issue. Now we are trying to use the system but we have to hold the handset at 30 centimeters before the receiver picks up the signal. We have also tested this with all new batteries.


Sony AV SYSTEM, RM-AAU006 Repair

The On/stanby switch button does not work so non of the buttons work. The light does not work for any buttons.

Gazco  Mertrik Maxitrol

Gazco Mertrik Maxitrol Repair

Remote control is dead just recently. Have tried two new batteries but is not coming on

Canton DM50

Canton DM50 Repair

Remote not responding Batteries changed still same issue

Mertik Maxitrol

Mertik Maxitrol Repair

Unit drains battery when left connected, work ok if you connect battery use it and then disconnect battery.


Valor Repair

On/off and effect buttons work. Heat button does not work.

Kalirel  Cyclope

Kalirel Cyclope Repair

Software failing to load - screen turns on, however just switches from blank screen to app loader message.


BOSE RCV1T-40 Repair


kinder  b-63600

kinder b-63600 Repair

all buttons are not working, have replaced the battery but no response from the unit.

Powertouch Powerwheel

Powertouch Powerwheel Repair

All buttons work and drive the motors apart from the reverse which is the centre button in the yellow band. When you press and hold a button the LED flashes but not on the reverse and the motors do not drive together. The motors will run backwards using the top left and top right button so I can rock it backwards but not both together which is what the centre top button should do.

TEAC RC-613 remote control unit

TEAC RC-613 remote control unit Repair

Hello I think my "teac rc 613 remote control unit" is having the same issue than the one you guys showcasing on your website. Led is flashing properly but no IR signal is being sent.

Mertik Maxitrol G30 zrhso

Mertik Maxitrol G30 zrhso Repair

The lighting function is intermittant

Gascony riva Mertik maxitrol

Gascony riva Mertik maxitrol Repair

Not turning fire up or down Red light on control goes on I have tried changing the batteries

Blue four button model (from bottom  Grey, Green, Red, Green) PDT KF04-433RC

Blue four button model (from bottom Grey, Green, Red, Green) PDT KF04-433RC Repair

Unpredictable outcome when buttons pressed. Often garage doors move up or down only about six inches or so - and then lots of pressing and releasing is needed - often having to be very close to the garage door for the signal to reach. When new, the FOB would reliably work from 30 metres. The FOBs are about 3 years old now.

Artel AB30408-204Q. 0709. ITN07-0369-0000

Artel AB30408-204Q. 0709. ITN07-0369-0000 Repair

It appears to be working except the light at the top of the remote does not come on so is not sending the signal.

Mertik Maxitrol G30-ZRHD and G30-ZRRS

Mertik Maxitrol G30-ZRHD and G30-ZRRS Repair

I can't control the heating anymore by using the remote controller. It looks like the RC is working well but the reciever is the problem. Receiving LED is only lighting up when using the increasing button. Last time started without using the RC. I can see batterie corrosion in the batterie compartment.

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