Recent Repair Jobs

Somfy 74300 - France

Somfy 74300 - France Repair

Awning not responding to remote controler.

Vibradorm 90.006.036

Vibradorm 90.006.036 Repair

Remote has stopped working. Even though the battery has tested OK the remote is dead and the LED does not light up

Metric Maxitrol G30-ZRRS

Metric Maxitrol G30-ZRRS Repair

The remote and Receiver will work if they are "looking" directly at each other ,However when the receiver is placed in the chassis of the fire the final is not picked up and the fire does not respond.

Grohe Wireless 36024

Grohe Wireless 36024 Repair

The remote has a display and it not coming on. I took the batteries out to recharge and now the remote is not working

Reich  RK 527-0521

Reich RK 527-0521 Repair

Control box power light not coming on. There aopears to be a problem between the ribbon from the keypad to the socket on the pcb.

Canton DM 50

Canton DM 50 Repair

Metal connection strip to battery has broken off therefore no power.

Purple Line Quatro

Purple Line Quatro Repair

It simply does not link with mover and all mover lights are operating correctly so this really only leaves the remote to be faulty

Mertik Maxitrol ZRH-SO

Mertik Maxitrol ZRH-SO Repair

Receiver will not respond to the remote


Powrtouch Repair

Motor mover remote buttons for the left hand wheel not operating (solid green light) all other buttons working fine (moving the rollers) forward moves both rollers, as does reverse, left hand roller won't work independantly


Vibradorm Repair

When the remote/handset is plugged into the bed, the bed vibrates and won't go off and none of the buttons on the handset work. I have discovered that the metal connections for the battery in the remote/handset are missing so presume this is the problem. All of the buttons seem fine.


Echostar Repair

Not switching on /no power. No light working.

Truma Mover SE

Truma Mover SE Repair

Remote stopped working yesterday. Replace batteries but no longer switching on

Rolux - Garador MPT 1430

Rolux - Garador MPT 1430 Repair

Intermittent operation, most likely due to loose battery terminal connection.

Marantz RC006SR

Marantz RC006SR Repair

volume button not working and detached

Waterproof Television

Waterproof Television Repair

Not working at all

Matsui MPA7KWR

Matsui MPA7KWR Repair

Remote slowly stopped working over a number of months


BOSE RC-9 Repair

some of the buttons started to fail like the volume and then the surround buttons. but now it does not work at all.

Musical Fidelity NuVista 3DCD CD-2

Musical Fidelity NuVista 3DCD CD-2 Repair

Batteries linkage

JVC .CA 008

JVC .CA 008 Repair

Not known looks ok but not functioning



IR does not work even with new batteries

Purpleline  Enduro

Purpleline Enduro Repair

LED button not working intermittent controller

Enduro E-GO

Enduro E-GO Repair

not powering up


SONY RMT-217P Repair

Remote was dropped onto a wood floor, broke open but hasn't worked since put back together. Noticed there was a slide button in Command Mode function that is missing.

Truma Go2

Truma Go2 Repair

Remote control dead. would not switch on. Shook it and twiddled with batteries and it came on but wouldn't switch off. got it to operate for a short period and all buttons working. Then went off and wouldn't switch back on. On/Off switch seems dodgy.

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