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VIBRADORM 00.103.240  05/26-QS11

VIBRADORM 00.103.240 05/26-QS11 Repair

this remote control has become unreliable (as if the contact sheet is worn (this happened on our first remote after about 15 years!)

Xpellair Digitemp

Xpellair Digitemp Repair

Controller dead after being stored fo 6 months with batteries removed.New batteries fitted but still dead

Mertik Maxitrol G30 - ZRHT

Mertik Maxitrol G30 - ZRHT Repair

Doesn't control fire. Screen normally blank - very occasionally odd indecipherable characters flash when a button is pushed.

verine - vertex fl700ng, fl700p

verine - vertex fl700ng, fl700p Repair

is not lighting the fire, it did have a loose wire. it just isn't doing anything. it dosnt have much to do/control..


Airobe Repair

The top right button which i think is the on and off button.

Hulsta Rumat Bed

Hulsta Rumat Bed Repair

Doesn't work!

Gazco MMB22600

Gazco MMB22600 Repair

Gazco MMB22600 Remote Repair Details Manufacturer : Gazco The remote control does not communicate with the fire (Gazco Studio 3) / receiver properly, and never really has -even so from the start when we purchased the fire.

The batteries in the handset have to be be replaced after a couple of a weeks because they are already worned out /@eaten up β€œ.

After changing batteries, the remote has to be paired with the receiver again to be able to communicate. The batteries β€œare eaten up” even when not using it to lit the fire.

Unfortunately, now it hardly ever communicates with the fire - there is no beeping sound from the receiver on pairing or using the buttons on the remote. The buttons work as far as changing the displays on the screen, but there is no corresponding signal from the receiver or function of the fire.

When the remote is working , eveything corresponds -firing up the fire, regulating the flame hight, turning the flames off /on . Now - if able to fire it up and regulating the flames, it might suddenly stop generating beeping sounds - and then no more respons from the fire. The batteries in the fire have been changed, and even with a new battery box- makes no difference. I do not rember ever having seen the "red light" within the handset come on. On opening the handset I was not able to find any obvious "breaks" in the print or anything that might explain malfunctioning RF signal .. But I am not able do make any measurements , and have no skills for this ... But you have the skills - judging from feedback on the internet πŸ‘πŸ€—

PDT KF04-433RC

PDT KF04-433RC Repair


dungs m irt 1-1 art no 230187 prod cor l 25

dungs m irt 1-1 art no 230187 prod cor l 25 Repair

on and off button not working

mertik maxitrol g30zrhso

mertik maxitrol g30zrhso Repair

the on/off buttons dont work and the red light does not work, possible faulty connection?

mot brake tester

mot brake tester Repair

not working

Verine Orbis

Verine Orbis Repair

All buttons seem to be faulty and battery connection is broken. Case screw is missing.


Triton Repair

The increase temperature button is worn and no longer works


hofmann Repair

battery getting hot, and remote not working

Sony RM-ANU032

Sony RM-ANU032 Repair

No signal at all, no IR beam present

Mertik Maxitrol 014626

Mertik Maxitrol 014626 Repair

The button to activate and increase the height of the flame only works if immediately in front of the control box situated behind the fire facia


GX-IR03 Repair

Down button, stopwatch button, reset, start and enter I know that do not work. There are a few buttons missing which is fine unless you can replace them. I cannot seem to find a replacement controller so need to get this one fixed.

Mertik maxitrol G30-ZRHSO

Mertik maxitrol G30-ZRHSO Repair

The remote illuminates in one direction only and does not work the fire at all.


Mertik Repair

Not working at normal distance, only works in close proximity to receiver.


TRUMA Repair


P & J Products 71106-800-101

P & J Products 71106-800-101 Repair

The fireplace isn't working and the gas engineer thinks it's the remote that isn't working. The fireplace is a flambeau 335 basket fire - gas fire.



Button faulty


willowbrook Repair

cable worn

Truma Mover SE

Truma Mover SE Repair

Battery contact spring has broken off. Other contacts may need replacement to prevent same occurring in the future.

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