Recent Repair Jobs


Dru Repair

The wire have become detached within the remote control

Vortice 1127 001 007/8

Vortice 1127 001 007/8 Repair

I dropped it and the casing came apart. It still works if you hold it in a specific way, and wiggle it a bit but not ideal. I think a small solder is required.

Purpleline enduro Mn444(?)

Purpleline enduro Mn444(?) Repair

2/3 buttons not working. (Sorry cant remember which ones)

Mertik Maxitrol G30-ZRRS

Mertik Maxitrol G30-ZRRS Repair

Receiver doesn't receive!

Portway Mertik Maxitrol G30 ZRHSO

Portway Mertik Maxitrol G30 ZRHSO Repair

Can control the gas fire controls to heat up (Ir indicator lights during operation) but cooling down the IR indicator does not always light up except after multiple presses maybe..

Vocal Star VS-800

Vocal Star VS-800 Repair

A Battery leak corroded all contacts etc, 2 broke off, 2 remaining (rusty looking). Cannot purchase a replacement as no longer supplied.
System purchased around 2012/13 (ish). It did work for a bit after cleaning contacts!

Purple line

Purple line Repair

Not working

Mertik 800mm product code B-82350

Mertik 800mm product code B-82350 Repair

No response from receiver unless remote is within 3cm. Batteries changed in controller and receiver without effect.


Triton Repair

It was dropped on the tiled floor and stopped working.


Triton Repair

Not working at all



No response when any button is pressed.



The Remote does not turn on, it worked a week or so ago. But when you press to power button nothing happens, no lights, no sound/beep, and no communication with the receiver on the van. It just seems dead, tried new batteries, and cannot see if any wires have come off anywhere. Have not donE anything with the controller as are unable to get it apart, so thought we would leave it to the experts. Are you to get it working please advise? regards Derek

Purple Line

Purple Line Repair

LED light no longer lights up. We have replaced the battery.
When changing the battery I found the connecting cables had been cut and re-joined by twisting together. I have now soldered them together but the unit is still not working. I have tested the repair with a multi-meter and record 9V at the on/off button but nothing beyond


fatman Repair

Remote just stopped working.


Truma Repair

On off slider button seems to be faulty

Truma  Go2

Truma Go2 Repair

dropped no longer working

Mertik Maxitrol G30 ZRHSO

Mertik Maxitrol G30 ZRHSO Repair

Ive changed the batteries in both the remote control and the transmitter and it only operates 'down' but will not operate 'up'.

Royal UM203

Royal UM203 Repair

Intermittent fault with the remote control. Sometimes to make it work, I have to remove the battery compartment and wiggle the battery wires around


Vibradorm Repair

I previously sent you the same remote which you were able to mend. This one is for the second chair and is in much worse state than previous one as my father has given it to a friend to repair!!


Faber Repair

red light comes on with remote but nothing happens on receiver

Keyton innova

Keyton innova Repair

similar to another case I saw remote was dropped and no longer works even with batteries in -- it sort of flickers.


RCS-01C Repair

Does not operate (has been uncertain for some time)

Pioneer AXD7511

Pioneer AXD7511 Repair

All the buttons on the remote are fully functional but the display on the remote is not working.

Purpleline Enduro

Purpleline Enduro Repair

Clockwise reverse button (third button clockwise fron top) is working intermittently - have to use finger nail to find the “right” spot to make it work

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