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Igloo Bathroom TV

Igloo Bathroom TV Repair

Suppose to be waterproof Changed battery still not working if you could fix it we would be grateful


Maxitrol Repair

System will close the gas valve but will not open it. I believe that it is the receiver that is at fault

Flavel B-63600

Flavel B-63600 Repair

Black Wire from where the battery is attached has come off therefore gas heater does not work.

Its a remote control that works with a flavel emberglow classic rc gas fire.
In the hanbook it does state if i need to replace the remote the number for the handset is B-106800

Sorry no more details regarding the remote just that it came with the heater.


TKW128 Repair

Intermittent control and then not turning on.

Apologies but I have had a quick look myself;

Battery checked okay

Peeled off front cover which revealed faults on the button membrane Signs of water ingress and damage to pcb tracks and rusty screws.

Faber Mertik Maxitrol 030-ZRHS

Faber Mertik Maxitrol 030-ZRHS Repair

Not sending signal. Borrowed another one and fire worked.


Verine Repair

Remote control not working on fire.

Gazco Riva 67 859530030

Gazco Riva 67 859530030 Repair

It fell off arm of sofa onto carpet and stopped working. After discussion on phone to you suspected inside front part broken and needs replacing.

Ceiling Fan CHQ8BT7030T

Ceiling Fan CHQ8BT7030T Repair

When battery is connected the light on he remote stays on and will not operate the fan.
When cleaning I think a little water may have got in.


SIT Repair

Fire works with manual electronic buttons but no response from remote, the yellow light should light when a button is pressed. The operation is by IR ,the receiver or signal pick up is positioned next to the manual buttons under the fire.

Harman Kardon AVR330

Harman Kardon AVR330 Repair

I think nearly half of the buttons don't work.


LE Repair

The light fitting works reasonably well, but the remote control does not work.


SIT Repair

Bottom right hand button button does not turn the full flame to lower flame and fails to light up.

Powrtouch 10168-002-02

Powrtouch 10168-002-02 Repair

worked in December, tried in January no response, new battery fitted to remote and a new 12 volt battery fitted to the caravan as it would not charge, followed manufacturers instructions to pair the remote to the control panel but still no response.

Reich 527-0521

Reich 527-0521 Repair

Battery acid leaked, i have tried to repair myself by cutting wires and replacing but still does not work.

purpleline ego

purpleline ego Repair

No response at all from the remote even with new batteries installed.Was in working order and receiver control box all ok so fault is with the remote

Marantz RC006SR

Marantz RC006SR Repair





Mertik Maxitrol G30 ZRHS

Mertik Maxitrol G30 ZRHS Repair

The handset fell on to the stone kerb and would not work after that



The buttons to increase the fan speed and the button to increase the heat temperature do not work.


Triton Repair

Hi can't get the buttons to work


Gazco Repair

Manual control buttons are faulty and will not turn fire on or off.

Gazco Riva 67 - part number 8456

Gazco Riva 67 - part number 8456 Repair

Mostly not working and unable to turn on/switch off fire almost all of the time.

Purpleline - caravan mover ENDURO SERIES II

Purpleline - caravan mover ENDURO SERIES II Repair

Evet if the bluetooth paring seems to work (as shown by unit board leds) and there is no alarm led switched on on unit board, when pressing all buttons on remote control any relay on unit board is commanded and there is no movement of the mover.



The battery became corroded and the remote no longer works

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