Recent Repair Jobs

Willowbrook  VIBRADORM

Willowbrook VIBRADORM Repair

Works fine - BUT - it is situated on the wrong side of the bed and the cord is far too short to work the device comfortably. I would like to extend it by at least one metre.

Prem-i-air WA47-414

Prem-i-air WA47-414 Repair

Remote control buttons do not function at all. A number of new batteries have been tried to no effect.

Fireplace Handset Model Unknown

Fireplace Handset Model Unknown Repair

Power cables detached from unit from failed attempt to repair by myself.

Sun RC02A

Sun RC02A Repair

Intermittently responsive on certain buttons and also the visible LED was faulty

VIBRADORM Hardwired Bed controller

VIBRADORM Hardwired Bed controller Repair

When you turn on the power at the mains the bed vibrate instantly where it should not until you press the top left button on the controller. This button when pressed should activate the bed for either 15 or 30 minute cycles and/or turn off the bed at any time you wish. It is not doing any of these functions it is supposed to do. The bed was bought by my auntie 7 years ago and looks like it was made in 06 by the sticker inside the controller, so the button looks worn and it is sticky and lazy not crisp like the others. The other function buttons seem to work ok as when they are pressed the bed performs different cycles up/down pulse etc with the various lights coming on and the different pads in the mattress responding. So i presume it is just the on/off button on the top left causing the fault not stopping the power entry to the mattress motors or its timer function. I presume you will check all the buttons anyway.

Telestyreisen ALR 9446

Telestyreisen ALR 9446 Repair

Even after trying a new battery the remote control no longer lights up the little LED (or very intermitently) and therefore doesn't open the garage door. It's been working intermittent for a few years but just recently its become much worse and rarely lights up / opens the garage. For info the DIP switch setting is all correct (same as the other working remote control and the receiver.)

Bose Remote control model RC28T1-40

Bose Remote control model RC28T1-40 Repair

I found some liquid in the remote by the batteries a few days ago. Replaced the batteries but now find that the remote stops responding as if run out of batteries. I have replaced batteries twice. Oddly if I take out one battery, put in a new one it then works. If I then put in the old one it still works but after a while it stops working again.

Micromega Solo

Micromega Solo Repair

This CD Player / Digital audio system doesn't respond to remote but works fine otherwise.




Firstline  Aircon RCH-2302NA

Firstline Aircon RCH-2302NA Repair

Total failure

Tandy Calculator

Tandy Calculator Repair

nothing works but did before June, 2014.

Sony RM-U252

Sony RM-U252 Repair

This Sony surround amplifier remote went wrong two years ago. I contacted Sony but they told me they would be unable to offer a replacement for a product I had purchased 30 years ago. I may have thrown that remote away but if I have not. I believe the only problem with that Remote is the + and - terminals that the AA batteries connect to are missing. Fortunately, the amplifier is sufficiently old enough to be able to be operated without its remote control but I would like the convenience of the remote.

APPA Vibradorm Bed

APPA Vibradorm Bed Repair

When Batteries are inserted the Light stays on permanantly and there are no functions

Liteon RM 56

Liteon RM 56 Repair

I have two identical remote controls. I replaced the first with one I purchased from the original manufacturer in Canada but when I tried to buy another replacement after exactly the same keys stopped working on the second unit, I was unable to contact them and they have refused to answer any of my emails. the navigation keys (up,down,left & right) and the ENTER/select key does not work. All the other keys do. When I replaced the Liteon remote the first time, immediately upon receipt of that new remote I bought a ONE4ALL universal remote and copied all of those controls to it. Thank God I did because if I hadn't I, now, would be unable to operate the Liteon digital DVD recorder.

Garage Door T 70    173.3MHz

Garage Door T 70 173.3MHz Repair

Will not operate door. Has worked for many years without any trouble.

Burley Witham 516-R

Burley Witham 516-R Repair

Non Functioning

Repow 105FR Super Electric Golf Trolley

Repow 105FR Super Electric Golf Trolley Repair

The hand set has no response at all ,has not been wet,and the batteries are fine, I have been told it might be the wire connection from the two halves of the hand set..

Blyss Ceiling Fan

Blyss Ceiling Fan Repair

Broken spring inside with missing connection so battery doesn't fit into slot meaning remote control doesn't work and we have to turn the light off each evening by the fuse box.

APPA Vibradorm Bed - Buttons do not seem to work

APPA Vibradorm Bed - Buttons do not seem to work Repair

Buttons do not seem to work

Hofmann Brekon 131

Hofmann Brekon 131 Repair

Remote Not Working at all.

Verine (Kal Fire) Fireplace Remote

Verine (Kal Fire) Fireplace Remote Repair

LCD screen - no display. Remote will start fire by usual method of holding down up/down arrows simultaneously but with no screen display it's not possible to perform any functions or keep fire alight. LCD display was somewhat patchy last year

Magiglo G30-ZRHSO

Magiglo G30-ZRHSO Repair

Will only switch on the fires , we have 2 fires , one cotroller went faulty then the other some months later

Telestyreisen  ALR 9446 - Fails to operate garage door electric motor

Telestyreisen ALR 9446 - Fails to operate garage door electric motor Repair

Fails to operate garage door electric motor, it did until 2 weeks ago when its range became shorter then a complete failure so I changed the battery but still failed. The door motor operates with my other remote which proves the motor is ok.

Non Branded 12 Volt Winch

Non Branded 12 Volt Winch Repair

loss of power.

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